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Full Name: Pema
Subspecies: Tibetan
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 Year (6/7/2016)
Birthplace: Minnesota
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Pema's coat is mostly tan and light brown with accents of black, white and gray showing throughout. White fur frames her muzzle, underbelly and legs. A slightly larger then average female with a well built body. Not super muscular, but not slender either. Her nose is black and her eyes are an amber color.
Pema is a very warm and loving person, always eager to meet the new members of her pack and make them feel at home. She spends a lot of her time watching out for the pups she cares for and often considers them to be her unofficially adopted children.

She's not often tough, but it very determined to increase her mercenary skills if only a little, to make sure she can protect the ones she loves.

She lives for her pack and other within it.
From Tibet to Minnesota :
As to why Pema was born in Minnesota rather then Tibet, many generations before Pema was even born a team of humans migrated her pack to Minnesota from Tibet. The team relocated them into a reservation where they were studied to see how well they adapted to the change in seasons and climate. Eventually the pack adapted and began to thrive. With the packs growth the team allowed many of the wolves to branch off and become wild. Pema's ancestors were among the group of wolves allowed to become wild.

Pema started in the east part of Teekon and made her way west where she found Howl who recruited her to Morningside when their numbers were low.
She began to love everyone in the pack and was eager to know every member on a personal level.
She developed a deep bond with the children of their alpha, Easy, Lavender and Dauntless.
As her medic skills began to thrive she became an even more important member of the pack.
Eventually went on a scouting mission to gain more knowledge.
Now shes happy to be back home with those she cares about.
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Lone Wolf
8/11/2017 - 9/8/2017

9/8/2017 - Current
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