Profile of Aditya: Quick Facts

Leader I

Mate to Dawn
Basic Info
Full Name: Aditya Morningside
Subspecies: Timber wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (03/16/14)
Birthplace: Northern California
At A Glance
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Profile of Aditya: Details

big, burly wolf.
kind dark golden eyes.
pelt a mix of browns and tans and creams; black points.
big bushy tail--the first thing you notice.
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art by thalia
[Image: BrokenDismalHoki.gif]

enfp . lawful good . pisces

quite friendly . lover boy . loyal to the core . family man . wanderlust . ambassador . great sense of humor . singer, teller of tales . driven by passion

voice reference
a wanderer if there ever was one, he never really settled down until he entered the teekon wilds. . .and found a home at morningside, where he's considered part of the family, now.
Pack History
known biological:

mother: rekha
father: ?
great-grandfather: gopal
great-great-grandparents: nitya & hari

by marriage:

mate: dawn
father-in-law: grayday
mother-in-law: catori
siblings-in-law: sunny (2016)
easy , lavender , dauntless (2017)
eventide , kasatka , winterbourne (2018)

other important relations:

coelacanth - secret love/rescuer
pema - best friend
engel - ex-best friend
MORNINGSIDE - 09/28/17 - present
Profile of Aditya: Additional Information
aditya speaks common tongue with a slight accent, influenced by his mother tongue of hindi (it has no name IC). i do my best to hover-translate everything he says, but here are some recurring phrases:

mera pyaar - "my love;" his name for dawn
mera jaan - "my life;" also a term of endearment for dawn
bhagwaan - generic term for "god"
sab theek - "everything is fine;" "it's all good"
dost, mera dost - "friend," "my friend"

hari - name of aditya's family god, comes in the form of a black wolf with green eyes. loosely based on krishna.
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