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Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Engelhard Grebel
Subspecies: Red Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (17 August 2012)
Birthplace: Black River State Forest
At A Glance
A red wolf, with cinnamon coloring and brown eyes. A small form.
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Profile of Engel: Details
Deep brown eyes on a light grey face, with a mask of cinnamon down the nose and across the face, as well as the rest of his body, mixed with a bit of deeper red behind the ears and the bottom of the legs. He has an average build for his kind. He has rarely been through fights, shown by the lack of scarring across his body, except for one when he had been forced to run to save himself when his home pack was attacked.
He sees himself as quite the 'lady's man', always attempting to swoon any female he comes across. Sometimes, if he comes across a male however that he finds attractive to his taste, he will attempt to swoon them too. Most of the time, he does this for fun, and he rarely ever gives commitment. He tends to be rather goofy at times when alone.

Aggression is not his strong suite. He relies on his tongue, and is rather quite the coward when faced with fighting.
He had a mate and two children in Black River State Forest. After some hunters came by, because of an action his mate took, he was forced to run. He at first held guilt, but has forgotten about it since then. Since leaving, he has always been moving on with the sense of adventure, or perhaps it is for another reason he chooses not to go with.
Mate: Heartha
Children: He doesn't remember
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