Profile of Tallulah: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Tallulah
Subspecies: Eastern Chipmunk
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (8/12/2016)
Birthplace: Central Park
At A Glance
Just your average chubby Chipmunk!
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Profile of Tallulah: Details
A small and chubby little critter with the usual black striping down her back. Nothing unique about this girl's appearance!

Tallulah seems to have a bit more of a thought process than the average chipmunks, though she is admittedly still pretty darn slow. Her basic personality trait is Cute and Small fluff.

She is kinda nuerotic. She spazzed out alot and can often be seen staring at things with her tail rapidly twitching about as if she saw something quite frightening. Other times she'll simply run all over the place till she wears herself down.

Easily frightened she will duck and hide and chirp and squeal at the smallest things, but the one thing to calm her down is food. Berries in particular, she's a sucker for sweets.

She has an odd habit of finding pretty or unique things and stashing them away.

She can be stand offish and fierce but due to being a chipmunk it only comes off as cute and odd. She however, thinks she is a bad ass.

Modeled loosely after Fat Amy, but really just Rebel Wilson in general.
Born in central park. She got caught in a child's basket when she tried to steal the kid's snack and ended up being brought home where she escaped and entered the forest that lead her to teekon.
She doesn't remember her siblings or mom or dad.

She is to become GrayDay's unique lil animal guide chipmunk!
Profile of Tallulah: Additional Information
This character is not to be eaten. She serves a purpose! ;)

Lu here is the guide animal for Grayday, who's eyesight is growing increasingly weaker as time goes by.
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