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Full Name: Quixote Voulge
Subspecies: Alexander Archipelago Wolf (C.l. ligoni)
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (Feb. 6, 2015)
Birthplace: Elsewhere
At A Glance
A smallish ink black tank with acid green eyes. He is probably grumpy. There's a still-relatively-fresh gouge across his muzzle.
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Medium -

Stocky, muscular

Chaotic Neutral

Eyes -  #E1FD45

Quixote rings in at just below average size for a wolf, but is built rather like a tank. If someone searches beneath his ink black fur, they'd find a multitude of small scars from fights, hunting and other misadventures, which in places gives him a bit of a ragged look, not that he seems to mind. His eyes are a bright acid green.
Quixote, more often than not, is a giant grump. Somewhere inside there might be a friendly dude but most who run into him will find a somewhat prickly, sarcastic wolf. He does often mean well, but doesn't mix well with idiocy.

He's prone to collecting things -- note that other wolves or interesting creatures can count as things -- and his possessiveness carries over to territory and his own personal space. Slightly paranoid and a believer in fate, he rolls with the punches but that doesn't mean he won't try to avoid them in the first place. He operates more on logic than outright intelligence, and may do things not because he knows why it's right but instead because it seems the best option offered.
He had an uneventful first few years. His birth pack was a little more rough and tumble than many, as roughly all the packs in the "neighborhood" were at odds with each other over what he saw as dumb reasons. He saw his pack as excessively controlling, deciding for him that he would be a warrior and excluding him from things that he would have likely found more interesting. The most noteable of which was the tacticians group (or Skeleton Lords, as he called the ancient looking members), which was also partially responsible for his position in the pack. The Aug. 21st eclipse sent him wandering. It was quite obviously a sign to leave, was it not?

He managed fairly well on his own, eventually appearing in the Teekon Wilds, adventuring around a good chunk of the region before joining Redhawk Caldera. Once in the ranks, he helped out with the Caldera's war against Blackfeather Woods. Though they theoretically won, they later discovered that they didn't stay away, and the pack relocated to Heron Lake Plateau.

Their arrival was rather eventful, but after an initial squabble they soon settled in. And then more stuff happened but I need to figure out how to summarize it all.
Pack History
PARENTS - Rodion & Clarisse
AUNTS/UNCLES - Avidotia , Dmitri , Montag
SIBLINGS - Panza , multiple others

If you want to play a relative, send me a PM!

MATE - None IDK, maybe Raven??

LONE WOLF Aug. 22, 2017 to Dec. 5, 2017

REDHAWKS Dec. 5, 2017 to present (Formerly REDHAWK CALDERA)
        · Lambda, Eta, Zeta, Delta, Gamma
        · Alpha - May 7, 2018 - present

        Mercenary - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Awarded 5/22/17
        Guardian - 0/10
        Tactician - 0/10

        Scout - 1, 2, 3
        Ambassador?? - 0/10
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If I don't forget, thread titles are Farscape episodes.
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I draw thingies. I will totally draw thingies for money, too, and I do have a thread up here on Wolf somewhere about it, but I really need to update it. That's on my list to do. If you're interested in art, just send me a PM here or on Discord!

Also I am some strange bird person who doesn't have a bird... Yet.

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