Profile of Shale: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Shale of Sameth-by-the-River
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (01/17/13)
Birthplace: Southern Alaska
At A Glance
Fluffy gray wolf with deep-set eyes and a kind voice. Pretty badass, honestly.
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Profile of Shale: Details
A medium-sized gray wolf with a very thick pelt, courtesy of life in the north. Dark amber eyes that once held a sparkle of humor but have since dulled from the stresses of life.

Though not the biggest wolf, he is quick on his feet with a sharp mind, traits which have helped him become an excellent warrior and hunter.
Shale is kindhearted to the core, but life, especially one as long as he's lived, has a way of wearing one down. He was once openly cheerful; now, he is fairly reserved, though not completely without smiles and laughter. The scattering of his family has left him ultra-protective of anyone he holds dear. He is soft-spoken, his voice a gentle tenor, but has an inner strength that shines through his actions.
Brother of Grayday and Sunspot, Shale was brought up with a happy life--at least, until things started to fall apart. Grayday disappeared before their first winter, and Sunspot left him as well. After meandering a bit near his old home, he decided to journey south, in some hope that he might find his littermates once more.

He is marked by a tragedy he will not speak of to anyone: he can barely admit it to himself.
Pack History
Littermates: Grayday, Sunspot
Parents: Mud & Lark
Older Siblings: Murdock
Profile of Shale: Additional Information
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