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Basic Info
Full Name: Gracious Orlov
Subspecies: Northwestern Wolf
Sex: Female 9NVxqLUh
Age: 4 years (April 8)
Birthplace: Valley of Thieves
At A Glance
A large wolf, perhaps mistaken for a male for her large and thick build. A coat of silver, white, and black covers her body. Grey eyes like pale stars scintillate in her skull. A scent of petrichor wraps around her.
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Profile of Gracious: Details
Her coat is soft, well-groomed and maintained to keep a pristine appearance. A base of sea fog is peppered with cream, varying shades of grey, and black. She appears to be stuck in a black and white film, no color has been added to her. Not even her eyes, for they scintillate like grey diamonds in her skull.

She stands upon stilts, towering over many wolves she meets. But she is not unsteady upon such long legs, she moves with the eloquence of a queen. She is no royalty, no crown sits upon her head, no title puts her above the others. She remains a neutral being, she bears no desire to be dominant over others. A small smile graces her features, welcoming those who wish to say "hello".

She is quite a beauty, though her body tends to make others mistake her for a male. Gracious has a body meant for hard work, burly and strong; muscles flex underneath her coat with each stride she takes. She practically screams "strength". But with such a tank of a body lays a golden heart within.
She's truly a lovely lady to be around. While her appearance is a bit off-putting due to her sheer size, Gracious is a wonderful lady to be around. She has a warm demeanor, an aura full of kindness and gentle behavior. When she speaks, a silvery voice will forever ring in your ear, like a beautiful church bell, full of purity.

She's caring by nature, a mother hen, a healer. She picks up the pieces of the broken and tries her best to put them back together. She's sympathetic, merciful, and perhaps, a bit naive with her beliefs that everyone has good in them.

Intellectual and honest. She's acquired quite the amount of knowledge during her years of travel, her words have significant weight to them, don't take her warnings lightly. She tries to lighten the blow of bad things, she tries to comfort the hurt, but she knows when she must stop sugar-coating and just rip off the band-aid.

Pacifistic, she believes that violence won't solve any of the world's problems. She just wants everyone to be happy and at peace. Perhaps, this is where her naive nature gets in the way of her being able to protect herself. She's a strong woman and could easily harm another if she wanted to, but she knowns that unnecessary bloodshed should be avoided when it can be. She'll run from fights, try to discuss with others; at the stake of her pride, she';; do anything do avoid conflict until her life truly depends on her being able to fight her way out. But until she hits such a brick wall, she intends on being peaceful for the rest of her life.

Spiritual. Not to be confused with religious. Gracious has a feeling that there are spirits in the world who walk with the wolves, spirits of not only the passed wolves but also of other animals.She doesn't praise them, but she does respect them and often looks to them for guidance. She sees them not as a higher power, but instead as equals with her. She hopes that when she joins their realm, she'll be able to wander with them. Often when she is looking off into space, it can be confirmed that she believes she is sensing a spirit, or is trying to silently communicate with them.
Born and raised in a litter of 5, Gracious was the first born, biggest of the bunch. Mom and dad were happy to have healthy children, and even more excited to see such a strong puppy in the batch. They had high hopes for her and the rest of the children to help form a family pack that would take over the land. Mom and Dad were a notorious couple, well-known for causing trouble in other packs' lands by stealing from caches in order to feed themselves. They were highly wanted dead, but because of their elusive nature, none could catch them.

Training soon ensued and the almost all children were showing quick learning and lots of progress. Almost all. While her siblings practiced their spars and play fights, Gracious would be in her own world, running around and dancing with the butterflies in rays of sunshine, making her dreams into a reality. At first, her behavior was seen as just puppy behavior and was brushed to the side. But when she wasn't growing out of it, Mom and Dad feared they had a defective child.

When it came time to kick her out, they ran her off. No loving words were exchanged, no hugs or tight embraces. They forced her out with their own jaws, leaving with lifted tails in the air, proud as flags. But her siblings, all 4, came to say their final goodbyes and promises to visit. Gracious, teary-eyed, gave them all her last kisses and nuzzles before setting off on her own way.

She spent her time meeting others, learning as much as she could, but most importantly- carving out her own destiny and personality. She was no longer confined into acting a certain way, nor learning specific things she took no interest in. She finally realized for the first time that she was a free soul and a free being.

She's been on her own, happily searching for new things and new meanings to her life. She longs to meet a true love, to have her own children and to raise them in a warm and loving home, a home where they wouldn't feel pressured to do anything they didn't want to do, a home Gracious longed for when she was young.
Pack History
Father's side:
Grandmother - Aito
Grandfather - Nila

Mother's side:
Grandmother - Snowball
Grandfather - Thorn

Mother - Stella
Father - Keto

Brothers - Hemlock, Fern, Dym
Sister - Leu
Valley of Thieves:
Puppy Tier
- Xi
Adult Tier
- Gamma

Lone Wolf
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