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Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Hybrid Duskhall
Subspecies: Eastern Timberwolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3+ years (Spring 2014)
Birthplace: Spiderweb Falls
At A Glance
A swift, black-coated swain with phosphorescent eyes and a choleric, bored expression.
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Toeing the line between large and medium, Duskhall is an inkwell of sharp, hooded features and iniquitous grace. Pronounced by the luxuriating gait of an unrepentant villain is a flagrant attempt to conceal his true zeal and celerity. The wolf is a bolt of lightning manifest; captured in a charred structure of lean sinew and blackened brickbone strong enough to contain it. His back is defaced by a saddle of crisscrossing scars, that at a distance are concealed by the dense velvet of his shining stygian fur. The exception to this is a single, particularly long tear across the base of his spine that adds a trenchant cleft to his otherwise seamlessly adumbral silhouette. Most catching of all however, are his yellow acid eyes -- a pair of flashing neon signs -- illuminating you.
A shrewd and toothy charlatan with an eclectic magnetism and an immodest streak of avarice. His better traits are bound behind the double-edged sword of his striking forwardness, and his indiscriminate veneer of scintillating disinterest.
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