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Full Name: Hybrid Duskhall
Subspecies: Eastern Timberwolf and Coyote
Sex: Male
Age: 3+ years (Spring 2014)
Birthplace: Spiderweb Falls
At A Glance
A swift, black-coated swain with phosphorescent eyes and a choleric, bored expression.
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Just gracing the spectrum of large—tapered only by something other in his blood—Duskhall is a rangy and solid wolf made arrogant by his apparent battleworth. He is colored deeply with the brush of an inkwell, and sewn finely into a svelte-hooded rogue from a formidable upbringing. His body is faintly defaced by old scars wrought during a previously onerous winter; scars that at a distance are concealed by the dense velvet of his shining stygian fur. The exception to this is a single, particularly long tear across the base of his spine that adds a trenchant cleft to his otherwise seamless and adumbral silhouette. He disguises his intentions behind a lazy air of iniquitous grace—pronounced mainly by his luxuriating gait, tactful and unrepentant in its pacing—and his default impression on others is that he's disinterested. Betraying the lie of indifference, however, are his harking yellow eyes, luminescent and judging as they are.
Shrewd, toothy, and dogmatic.
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