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Full Name: Josephina Plasaz
Subspecies: Mackenzie River Wolf x Coywolf
Sex: Female
Age: (November 26th, 2016)
Birthplace: Ts'yl-os, British Columbia
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human model: marion cotillard
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scent: salted caramel and cedar
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Josephina is a girl of middling size. She has the stocky, leggy built — customary to her family — and built for endurance and assiduous strength, but not particularly speed or agility. Her features are straight-edged and pointed and made more pronounced by her pelt, which hugged close to the curvatures of her neck and chest, as well as her belly and limbs. Yet her ears and tail are rounded, yet thick with a soft, wool-like fur. Phi is an ambitious wolf and it shows upon her physique, which has been well-honed during countless scouting missions and kept supple through the joie de vivre of it all.

The girl is comprised of varying shades of brown and amber. Generally her pelt is a curious tint of chocolate brown, but in various lights a golden undercoat can be seen flashing. She wears stockings so dark that they are almost black, and a mask over her honeywide eyes that often mutes Phi’s expressions and gives her a cool disenchanted vibe. Her voice is deep, husky, and lingers on every word. Josephina's mother tongue is french, and she feels much more comfortable speaking the language of her family.

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To be fleshed out via roleplay; but generally, the girl is youthsome and charismatic. Her life is filled with new encounters, and she keeps her social circle unintentionally wide to prevent herself from becoming bored. Within these circles, her ambition leads her to naturally assume leadership roles — whether simply in conversation or while working towards a common goal. Josephina was raised in a close family unit and values togetherness, strongly believing that happiness is better when shared. She is intuitive, fast of mind and strangely wise for her young age. However, she can sometimes be perceived as turbulent and is prone to fits of flaring rage — especially when it comes to righting wrongs, or overcoming problems.

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