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Bracken Sanctuary

Basic Info
Full Name: Alarian Pan Keil
Subspecies: Mexican Wolf with insignificant amounts of variation
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (02/04/16)
Birthplace: Sunfil Grove (outside teekons)
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· currently underweight
        Petite and feminine, with a thin, well-kept coat composed mainly of charcoal and ash. Deep sandy tones paint his entire underside, muzzle, and his upper limbs; an inky shade coats his paws, extending just past them up his legs. Alarian possesses many scars across his face and body, detailed here, and walks with a persistent limp after an injury to his left haunch. His eyes are best described as hazel, though the exact shade frequently shifts between pale champagne, honey-gold, and bronze.

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warning: these are all (going to be) long as hell, open at your own risk

        As the first litter of Arnlith and Celia Keil of SILVER OASIS approached the midpoint of their second year, the latter’s heat came as an unwelcome surprise to herself and the pack. While Arnlith’s treatment of his mate had already drawn the attention— and concern— of the pack’s leadership, the final straw was the conception of a second litter without their consent— or Celia’s. Arnlith was driven out; given the choice, Celia chose to follow him rather than stay. Of their first litter, two of four followed, driven by obligation to their mother and the unborn pups— Zamael and Iriante. There was always something undeniably off about Arnlith Keil— and his mother before him; the strangeness seemed more apparent in his children, and ultimately the pack only grieved Celia’s departure.

        Alarian Pan Keil and his littermates— Lanawyn Eris, Shaara Ceto, and Runion Cronus— entered the world quite suddenly, a week too early in February. Their father, a paranoid man to the core, chose only one of his children to foster a true relationship with— the others, he reasoned, would be wasted effort as the litter before them. Runion took this role— Alarian, far from being chosen, quickly became the least favorite.
        He was a constant reminder of the failure of the Keil bloodline. Alarian frequently wandered far from his family, even early on; he would return speaking of strangers and beasts that did not exist— he conversed with trees, rivers, stone, the moon and stars. The boy became an outcast within his own family.
        Alarian grew close with only one member of the small familial group he was raised in— Zamael, his older brother. Zamael essentially raised Alarian, and grew to be a mentor to him; the two were inseparable. Arnlith’s relentless physical and psychological abuse of the family, paired with Zamael’s quiet guidance, sobered the boy early in his life. He withdrew further, and remained ignorant to the plight of his littermates, particularly the unspeakable abuse inflicted on Lanawyn by their father and littermate, Runion.
        When Alarian was 8 months old, he noted a change in his older brother— Zamael distanced himself, disappeared often. Ali himself was the first to discover the reason: a secret lover— secret for a reason. Their father had made no secret of his hatred for many things, and many wolves— those who took lovers of their own gender among them. Careful as the couple was, the forbidden affair lasted only a month before it came crashing down.
        Arnlith, when he discovered the affair, set upon his son first with intent to kill. Never far from his brother, Alarian stumbled on the two fairly early; young and sensitive as he was, the boy was helpless to stop the assault. He could do nothing but drag his brother’s broken body from the scene when Arnlith had gone, hiding and tending to him. A short time later, Alarian witnessed the murder of Zamael’s lover. Fearful of the consequences, he told his brother nothing of the incident until he had recovered— over a month later. Zamael took the news quietly.
        The next morning, Alarian woke alone. For the first time, he truly felt the sting of abandonment. He did not take it well. Sent spiraling over the edge by this latest development, the boy spent several days tracking his father. The resulting encounter ended in Arnlith’s death; he gnawed the head from his father’s corpse and brought it to the highest tree in the forest they called home.
        Lost and drowning in the shock of his own actions, Alarian subsequently left his home

Pack History
arnlith keil x celia keil (née doldin)

older siblings
arnlith x celia — 2014
zamael keil , araia tipp (née keil) , iriante keil , makrin keil , velmar keil

arnlith x celia — 2016
shaara keil , lanawyn keil , runion keil

younger siblings
runion x celia — 2017
ferian keil , ashari keil , ??? keil

other relations
lainie tipp — niece (via araia)

family tree
note: I'm way too lazy to put all his family members up for adoption but if you see anyone on here you want who isn't taken or dead just shoot me a PM!
02/04/16 - 04/09/18

Governor — 04/09/18 - present
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