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Bracken Sanctuary

Basic Info
Full Name: Alarian
Subspecies: Mexican Wolf with insignificant amounts of variation
Sex: Male
Age: 2.5 (02/04/16)
Birthplace: Sunfil Grove (outside teekons)
At A Glance
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Alarian is currently away. Reason: very, very sick. spotty replies.
Away Since: Today — Returns on: October 05, 2018

Profile of Alarian: Details
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        Petite and feminine, with a thin, well-kept coat composed mainly of charcoal and ash. Deep sandy tones paint his entire underside, muzzle, and his upper limbs; an inky shade coats his paws, extending just past them up his legs. Alarian possesses many scars across his face and body, and walks with a persistent limp after an injury to his left haunch. His right eye is best described as hazel, though the exact shade frequently shifts between pale champagne, honey-gold, and bronze; as of 07/20/2018, his left eye is completely sightless and a pale, cloudy blue color, covered by a vertical scar extending from his brow onto his cheek.

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Pack History
eris/lanawyn keil

delight singing-sunlight


arnlith keil x celia keil (née doldin)

older siblings
arnlith x celia — 2014
zamael keil , araia tipp (née keil) , iriante keil , makrin keil , velmar keil

arnlith x celia — 2016
shaara keil , eris/lanawyn keil* , runion keil

younger siblings
runion x celia — 2017
athris keil , ashari keil , ??? keil

other relations
lainie tipp — niece (via araia)
alessia — niece (via araia)

* recognized

family tree
note: I'm way too lazy to put all his family members up for adoption but if you see anyone on here you want who isn't taken or dead just shoot me a PM!
02/04/16 - 04/09/18

Governor — 04/09/18 - present
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always available for medic threads!
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