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Full Name: Iliksis
Subspecies: Coyote-Wolf Mix
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (2015)
Birthplace: Himminrond
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Iliksis is a slight figure, with a construction that is largely corded muscle and gritty sinew. his unimposing height and lack of bulk might trick anyone into believing him harmless -- a lie he will use to hurt you. the span of his coat is mostly overcast grey -- with cheeks sharpened by dull gunmetal. around his thin face the grey keenly tapers to silvered white -- while two tempered yellow eyes pierce his countenance. by all accounts, his physical appearance is nonthreatening. occasionally there is an aspect of depravity that shrouds his form like malaise -- however, it is fleeting and peripheral in its temerity, and often impalpable. strangers may find his company oddly discomfiting, yet rarely can articulate just what about him is so unsettling. if Iliksis was likened to a human, he'd likely look like this: click
where Iliksis might possess features that would compel his audience to believe him inoffensive, it is his soul that is outright deleterious. spend any length of time with him and one is struck by the notion his assembly is incomplete: as if some instrumental cog was left missing from the machine. even if they cannot name it, they can certainly sense it. if danger was given corporeal form, it was him; if some dissolute incubus was made flesh, it was fashioned in Iliksis' name. he displays many psychopathic tendencies: anger and insecurity being only the tip of the iceberg, and he is driven by a most malign and avaricious lust. most often he is quiet -- even charming if it suits him -- yet deep behind his smiling eyes there is a glitter of malice that cannot be concealed. through and through Iliksis is a material monster; he carries no remorse for his actions, no compassion for his peers, and maims and kills indiscriminately for his own perverse pleasure.

to understand Iliksis, one must truly, innately understand violence -- and the blistering, shattering effect it has on one's inestimable soul. warning: graphic/explicit content

Ilikisis was born from the forceful coupling of Himminrond's highest ranking patriarch (a darksinger by the name of Gruinfel) and a thaal by the name of Moiraga. In Himminrond, there are two sects -- the Roskveim, or winterwolves -- and the Katar'usk, the defiled valley-kin. These sects perform two duties: kill, and plunder. Their divergence is a matter of distance over differences; at each solstice they reconvene at the base of the Himminrond. Both worship the all-god, or the darksinger -- a mortal individual given godly form by vanquishing both the Living and the Dark. The darksinger, sometimes also referred to as the soul-drinker, is believed to be the Swallower of Worlds. He is a corporeal being that is the shadow-consumer, death-killer, bloodslaker and defiler of life. There is only one darksinger alive at a time -- and in the event a darksinger dies or is killed, it is not the wolf that deals the deathblow that becomes the new darksinger, but the wolf still standing after the darksinger is felled..

The darksinger's successor is decided by the bloodbath that ensues -- only the wolf that consumes the heart (or sudak) of the felled darksinger is the new Vanquisher Of Souls and leader of men... Under one condition: he must kill all other wolves present vying for the sudak. In the event a darksinger is felled every wolf in the vicinity will fight tooth and claw for a chance to consume the darksinger's flesh and heart; and there can be only one survivor from such a bloodied liturgy. Every contestant must be vanquished before a new darksinger is appointed. Every last soul committed to Darkness. This ritual, a massacre in other words, is called the Blood Ascendant. Once a new darksinger becomes the Blood Ascendant, every female in the known world is brought before him for coupling: this mass act of procreation generates and ensures a healthy population, and keeps the ranks bolstered -- especially in the wake of those killed by the Blood Ascendant ritual. This method of methodical killings has consistently bred more and more physically capable and violent wolves.

It is believed that each soul a wolf kills is held permanently in the killer's sudak; this process is called the Soulbind. The Soulbind is an irreversible process; each soul of the deceased is augmented into the wolf's sudak. It is customary then for the new darksinger to kill any pups still suckling from the felled-darksinger's brood to collect their souls. This is done because the wolves believe the old darksinger unworthy, and any of his spawn still reliant on his mother's teats is to be brutally and justly consumed so that the new darksinger may harvest their spirits and aggrandize the new darksinger's hegemony. It is not uncommon for the newly victorious Blood Ascendant to defile the corpses of those he has slain -- both physically and sexually. This defilement is seen as the Rite Of Corruption, and is considered to augment the darksinger's power -- and there is no more lustful or proliferate a wolf than a wolf that has just vanquished his enemies.

Enter Iliksis, conceived when Gruinfel fought every wolf in Skorkath's entire battalion -- a battalion which had just felled the long-ruling darksinger Khepsis. Iliksis was named in Khepsis' honor -- for Khepsis had been killed in an unprecedented staged coup. Iliksis was raised in this environment, indoctrinated early to the sport of blood and death. In Roskveim, the women were used as chattel to keep the men full of vigor; Iliksis lusted at an early age for the thaal kept by his father. Thaal were females kept alive and favored by the darksinger; typically they were female wolves that showed unusual physical prowess or exotic beauty. They were covered (mated) only by the presiding darksinger, and often violently -- it was believed an aggressive coupling would guarantee more virile and superior offspring.

Iliksis did not pine for just any thaal -- he pined for Moiraga, the thaal that whelped him. As depraved as the Roskveim wolves were, coupling with a relative was an unspeakable crime -- for the offspring of such pairings were often unfit and weak. Mating closely with relatives was forbidden and treasonous: wolves that defiled this cardinal law were killed by the darksinger. Heedless to the consequences, Iliksis was lustful, and he pursued Moiraga relentlessly and frequently.

Like any psychopathic but intelligent individual, Iliksis kept his intimacy with his mother discreet -- until the curve of her belly betrayed their union. Gruinfel had not covered Moiraga since Iliksis' conception (having many other younger, more gamine brides to select from), and he turned on Moiraga violently until she bled both her life and the truth of her union with their son.

Gruinfel was not Souldrinker or Feller Of Darksingers for nothing -- with boiling wrath to make mountains quiver, the darksinger came down on Iliksis with every tooth intending to soul-break and defile his son. Iliksis, more coward than warrior, did not stand his ground for very long before he fled and ran. He did not escape easily from his father -- Gruinfel was tireless, and his strength interminable: after days of running raw, Iliksis outsmarted his father by doubling back on his tracks and swimming up-river back into Roskveim, where he was least expected to reappear. Iliksis had every intention of resting while his father ran ragged pursuing him; he planned to store his stamina and strike and kill his father as he returned exhausted from his search. Iliksis cleverly planned to kill and consume Gruinfel's sudak when no other wolves were present -- for he was not physically strong enough to fight off more than one adversary. Unfortunately, such a masterfully crafted scheme never came to fruition, for Gruinfel was killed at the mouth of the Himminrond by a bear, and Iliksis missed his chance to isolate his father and become the new darksinger. With Moiraga dead from beatings and his father killed, Iliksis fled the Himminrond.
12/31/17 - Iliksis encounters a young female alone, and rapes her.
12/31/17 - Iliksis attempts to join Blackfeather Woods.
1/1/18 - Iliksis meets Relmyna and becomes obsessed with her.
1/14/18 - BFW war: Iliksis is wounded & driven back by RHC members.
1/25/18 - Frustrated by lack of leadership, Iliksis & Ithrik challenge Vaati. Ithrik wins. The duo abandon BFW shortly after, realizing BFW has no worthy members.
1/28/18 - Iliksis kills Burr and brings his body to Relmyna (thread here)
2/5/18 - Ithrik & Iliksis encounter Portia and Dalia and attempt to kill them. The women escape.
4/1/18 - Iliksis encounters Gannet, walking across a half frozen river. In an effort to kill him, he steps on a pre-existing crack and causes Gannet to be swept away under the ice.

Iliksis is selective in his violent episodes, but can be impulsive if opportunity presents itself. he prefers isolation, finding comfort in a lonely world where he can control and manipulate his environment. for a criminal, he is fairly organized and incredibly ritualistic - he stalks his marks carefully and always exhibits a preference for ambush-style attacks that leave victims stunned and unable to call for help. he is inclined to show neutral or friendly behavior until he is within striking distance, and will often attempt to disarm his victims before attacking them. he enjoys ruses and manipulating his victims, and draws great pleasure in the 'game' of systematically dismantling a stranger's defensiveness and gaining their implicit trust. iliksis also draws immense pleasure from doling pain to his victims; torture, assault, and violation are all used to render his victims helpless. such actions of extreme perversion feed his need to experience a heightened awareness of complete domination. it is not the act that elates him -- it is the theft of another's joy, the total destruction of a victim's indomitable spirit. his assault method is almost always the same: strike rapid and fast while grappling for throat to subdue his victims. he uses the vantage of surprise to physically pin his quarry beneath him so they are often unable to defend themselves against his advances. in events where iliksis is evenly matched, he often will attack the victim's limbs, particularly their hocks, and eviscerate tendons so they are unable to escape him.

iliksis' victim profiles are consistent: he prefers young, female, and vulnerable. he is principally and uninhibitedly attracted to red fur and blue eyes. he enjoys a challenge and will sometimes tackle individuals who match him pound for pound if he believes his strength can eclipse theirs. if there is little struggle during takedown, iliksis is likely to leave the victim alive -- though he relishes stripping them of their dignity and often finds disfiguring them immensely gratifying. iliksis' force is always directly proportionate to his victim's resistance. if his victim is non-compliant he often resorts to extreme physical aggression, facial mutilation, limb severance, and raw violence designed to debase and humiliate his victim. iliksis is a masochist and deviant, and will not enjoy the company of females who seem to enjoy his advances. he is also known to keep certain victims alive, particularly ones that show extreme pain or terror, so that he can revisit them later as he pleases.

iliksis enjoys collecting trophies of those he has conquered, sometimes it is the wrinkled snippet of an ear, or mats of degloved flesh; if his victim has been killed he often keeps their skulls close by and visits them. while he does not partake in cannibalism of his victims, iliksis does defile them whether or not they are alive. he will repeatedly visit deceased victims several times a week to sate his carnal appetite.

Ithrik - Uncle
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Due to Iliksis' NSF<18 rating, at this time I will not join open threads or presume to place my character on other's without their consent. If you would like to thread with Iliksis directly please send me a PM or tag Iliksis in the thread you would like him to participate in.

Illiksis is loosely inspired by Lester Ballard and is an exploratory character meant to fill a role as true iniquity on WOLF. Please do not join his thread[s] if you are uncomfortable with graphic characters or potentially explicit outcomes. If you are uncomfortable with the direction the thread is going please send me a PM and we can collaborate a conclusion.
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