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Bearclaw Valley

Basic Info
Full Name: Reigi
Subspecies: Coastal Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 Years (1.30.16)
Birthplace: The Labyrinth, Outside Teekon
At A Glance
height: 2'2" | length: 4'1" | weight: 95lbs

has a radio tracking collar until march fifteenth
right eye steel blue, left eye a red and blazing fire.
angular, streamlined build
pregnant, due around sunday, april 8th

current health — 85%
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Reigi is currently away. Reason: grieving. posts will arrive mainly on weekends, and sporadically through the week.
Away Since: February 20, 2018 — Returns on: Unknown

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“ fill the world with flames, let me see the light ”

A smattering of leather, coffee, and umbra. Based off a Belgian Malinois. Nunc id lacus mauris. Integer ligula elit, condimentum ac dictum non, fringilla eu ligula. Praesent pharetra eu diam et mollis. Vivamus congue ornare mauris, eget consequat arcu. Maecenas placerat nisi et sagittis lobortis. Morbi vestibulum rhoncus velit eu dapibus. Aliquam maximus tempor lacus eget laoreet. Nam rhoncus est in urna venenatis eleifend. Phasellus efficitur ipsum nec mollis condimentum. Aenean neque urna, rutrum hendrerit maximus id, lobortis a magna. Sed fringilla et arcu in blandit. Vivamus dapibus turpis sit amet nunc ultrices, vitae mattis orci pharetra.

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[Image: a18bb5095e911b8da7bc853299f76d3b.png]

[Image: lm5D7d5.jpg]

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[Image: CToTad9.jpg]
Pack History
— reigi is protective of most of bearclaw valley's members.

— she tends to stick at the mouth of the valley, but may be seen with xan if he leaves pack lands

xan is allowed in all of reigi's threads at any time, including private threads!

there’s nothing dangerous about beauty.
what’s dangerous are the teeth beneath.
and you are anything but beautiful when you smile.


teekon wilds


you call me powerful and you mean:
without mercy, sharp fists and sharp heart,
the rage of mountains when they tremble.
you call me strong and you mean:
unshakeable, unbreakable, unkillable.
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you were not made to be understood
you were made to be experienced

Player Information: stray
Registered on December 31, 2017, last visited (Hidden)