Profile of Onyx Saefyn: Quick Facts
Onyx Saefyn
Bearclaw Valley

Basic Info
Full Name: Onyx Saefyn
Subspecies: Wolfdog (75% Wolf, 25% Mixed Dog)
Sex: Female
Age: 4.3 Years (24/12/2013)
Birthplace: Northern Europe
At A Glance
Healthy coat, lean muscle, although on the slimmer side. Her eyes are almost always wary when meeting new animals. Her walk and run are graceful.

Scent: Rain soaked earth, sunflowers, dried pine needles, summer wind
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Profile of Onyx Saefyn: Details
A dark cream coat with hints of grey at her back, and a white stripe hanging over her shoulders. Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown. She is tall like her brother, but carries herself with more elegance.

[Image: gxPPFql.png]

Used to being on her own, the wolfess still dislikes the lack of company. Skittish around other wolves by herself, she will be a bit jumpy, but her sweetness is always there. Her huge streak of curiousity will draw her in, sometimes getting her in trouble, along with her impulsivity.

Stubbornness is a weakness with her, as she will stand for what she thinks like, well, like a dog with a bone. Her temper flares when it comes to any creature insulting/harming her family or pack, being loyal to a fault. She will not mind them putting her down, her self image torn down by past experiences. She feels unattractive to almost anyone, so she doesn't have a problem with someone insulting her. Insult family, and she will have a problem.

- Idealistic
- Seeks and values harmony
- Open minded and flexible
- Creative
- Passionate and Energetic
- Dedicated and hard working

- Too idealistic
- Too altruistic
- Difficult to get to know
- Impractical sometimes

[Image: v5Ybx9r.png]
Pack History
-Outside of the Teekon-
Mother: Unknown dog
Father: Unknown wolf
Littermates: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

-Inside the Teekon-
Littermates: Mawk
Sister-In-Law: Illecebra
Niece: Rowana
Nephews: Burr, Cyron
Lone Wolf
Bearclaw Valley - λ (Feb. 2, 2018-present)
Profile of Onyx Saefyn: Additional Information
Adoptable from Belle <3
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