Profile of Xahi: Quick Facts

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Bracken Sanctuary

Basic Info
Full Name: Xahi "Dragonfly" Starseeker
Subspecies: Gray Wolf/Arctic Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (November 1, 2016)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
At A Glance
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Profile of Xahi: Details
Xahi is a sleek, lean wolf with a pelt of light cream. She has a chocolate sable marked with dark oak along her back. Silvery highlights compliment her creamy fur. Xahi is a long-bodied ectomorph, being incredibly apt for hunting. However, her weakness is fighting, as her lean form can be overpowered by larger wolves. She weighs in at about 95 lbs and is about 2.8ft at the shoulder. Xahi has a slim face that is entirely a dark mix between chocolate and black, the same color that marks the sable on her back. She has light two cream "eyebrow-dots" above her eyes. Speaking of eyes, hers are a bright, sparkling green that exactly resemble her mother, Ezimette’s, eyes.
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(It is important to note that Xahi is very warm with her first packmates:
Korei, Alarian, and of course, Lennon.)

Xahi is a rather mysterious, striking female who is driven by her strong sense of loyalty. She is incredibly intellectual and thoughtful, which makes up for her selective withhold of affection with newcomers. Xahi can seem at times overly-selective about her friends and the people she chooses to be close to, however, this isn't always a bad thing. Xahi has a bit of an alluring aura, and when she gets close to others her charismatic, fun side begins to show. This isn't to say she is all flowers and springtime. Xahi has a habit of becoming snappy and hold grudges if crossed. A good thing to note as well is the fact that Xahi, like her mother, is a dreamer. Though cold, when alone she can often be found with her head in the clouds. However, when around others, she finds the means to keep herself in reality. Xahi is also wise in many ways and gives wonderful advice. She tends to have people feeling like they could speak with her for ages.

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Xahi was born alongside her siblings, Cas, Varr, Aezra, and Adonis, outside of Teekon to a lonely traveler who told tales of Teekon and the packs there. Xahi was named by this female, who called herself Ezimette. The pale woman apparently had been part of a pack known as Ryujin. Xahi grew under the woman’s guidance and learned her ways of honesty. When Ezimette was felled in battle, Xahi set out on the course to the Teekon Wilderness, splitting from her brother, and has been a traveling loner ever since.

January 2017: Xahi starts her path in the Teekon

Pack History
[font=palatino linotype]Mother:Ezimette “Starseeker”(Deceased)
Siblings: Casimir, Arnvarr, Aezra,Adonis(Romeo)
Lone Wolf: January 18, 2018
Bracken Sactuary:January 28, 2018-
*Jan 28: Pledge

Profile of Xahi: Additional Information
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