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Full Name: Ephraim Eyjolfur
Subspecies: Coywolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0.167 (01/04/2018)
Birthplace: Ankyra Sound
At A Glance
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Profile of Ephraim: Details
Ephraim is a small, swift coywolf with tapered limbs, a spectacular tail and a sleek figure. His phenotype is influenced heavily by his coyote blood. Compared with the majority of his kin, Ephraim is well-kept, clean, and possibly even handsome. At birth, his short fur is uniformly dark brown. As he ages, an espresso brown face mask, tail and dorsal cape will develop on a base of buttermilk marbled with cocoa and cream. His muzzle and the sides of his chest display rufousing, and a characteristic V-shaped band of lighter hairs spans from his armpits to his rump. His champagne eyes are thinly outlined in the same milky white as his nape and underside.
Pack History
ParentsCaiaphas and Kierkegaard
SiblingsIllidan, Raleska and Rhakios
Grimnismal — Whelp, Lead Whelp, Omicron
Lone Wolf (current)
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