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Basic Info
Full Name: Ephraim Eyjolfur
Subspecies: Coywolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0 (01/04/2018)
Birthplace: Ankyra Sound
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Profile of Ephraim: Details
Ephraim is a small, swift coywolf with tapered limbs, a spectacular tail and a sleek figure. His phenotype is influenced heavily by his coyote blood. Compared with the majority of his kin, Ephraim is well-kept, clean, and possibly even handsome. At birth, his short fur is uniformly dark brown. As he ages, an espresso brown face mask, tail and dorsal cape will develop on a base of buttermilk marbled with cocoa and cream. His muzzle and the sides of his chest display rufousing, and a characteristic V-shaped band of lighter hairs spans from his armpits to his rump. His champagne eyes are thinly outlined in the same milky white as his nape and underside.
Current stage: Rapid growth, gaining about 0.8 pounds per week until approx. Oct 17.
Pack History
Parents: Caiaphas, Kierkegaard
Siblings: Illidan, Raleska, Rhakios

Adoptive Parent: Étoille
Adoptive Siblings: Kevlyn, Larus, Lycaon, Svalinn
Half-Siblings: Kavos, Eros, Prialux
Piblings: Gluskap, Kaliska, Moselotte
01/04/2018 — 25/05/2018
Whelp → Lead Whelp → Omicron
LONE WOLF: 25/05/2018 — 25/06/2018
25/06/2018 — now
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