Profile of Lainie: Quick Facts
Bracken Sanctuary

Basic Info
Full Name: Lainie Archana Tipp
Subspecies: mexican wolf mix
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (01-03-2017)
Birthplace: outside teekon
At A Glance
[Image: XzObcUH.png]

⇼ greyscale
⇼ stark white underbelly
⇼ grey eyes
⇼ cream paws
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Profile of Lainie: Details

⇻ Lainie is petite and streamlined, reminiscent of her mexican wolf heritage. she's well built, and the compact muscles the ripple beneath her short-cropped pelt pack a punch. She's largely the color of a storm cloud, though a pale sterling dorsal stripe and stark white underbelly offset the darker grey of the rest of her pelt. her eyes are a beautiful silver, bright with intellect and, often, irritation.

[Image: succulent_cut_out_free_to_use_by_kibblyw...8gy4w6.png]
[Image: G5luXf2.jpg]

a e s t h e t i c

⇻ A restless, creative nature that propels the girl into many adventures, but it is rare that she sees something through to its end. Versatile, and expressive, she values independence and thus close relationships with others are seen as binding and restricting, and it is rare she can uphold a friendship of romance, though flings are common. She lacks tolerance and can be quick to judge or become impatient, and contains a driven impulsive nature that can often result in a bitter outcome. To be truly happy, Lainie needs stability and the ambition and drive to actually see her goals through.

[Image: IDqBVLD.jpg]
Pre-Game History:

Lainie's mother, Araia Tipp (born Keil), was the firstborn of Alarian's parents' first litter and she ran off from the pack she was born into around the age of 9 months. The reasoning for this was, in a nutshell, her father. He was abusive, selfish, impulsive, short-tempered; generally a jerk, and he also liked to borderline torture his children for punishment. Their mother was sweet and nurturing but a total enabler. Her mother met Milec pretty shortly after she ran away. They had a fairytale romance and founded a pack together, later having Lainie and her siblings, Celina and Meric.
In-Game History:

Lainie enters Tekon near the beginning of 2018, soon meeting Lennon and joining his rapidly growing group. Here, she encounters her uncle, Alarian, and aunt, Lanawyn, as well as quite a few cute girls. Donec elementum ligula eu sapien consequat eleifend. Donec nec dolor erat, condimentum sagittis sem. Praesent porttitor porttitor risus, dapibus rutrum ipsum gravida et. Integer lectus nisi, facilisis sit amet eleifend nec, pharetra ut augue.
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Pack History
[Image: XLDxJ7F.jpg]

Parents: Araia Tipp x Milec Tipp
Siblings: Celina, Meric
Aunts: Lanawyn
Uncles: Alarian
[Image: Zg3xIv2.jpg]

(01/03/2017) - (12/14/2017)
(12/15/2017) - (01/29/2018)
(01/30/2018) - (present)
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