Profile of Greyback: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: Greyback
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 8 years old (2010)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Greyback: Details

Greyback is massive and heavy, he carries himself with a sense of nobility and strength.
His face is masculine and triangular with a crooked muzzle and low prominent brow bones that sit above his small, orange slanted eyes. He has square cheek bones as well that gives his face a thin appearance. A thick scar across his muzzle spreads to underneath the middle of his eyes.

He has a broad chest and shoulders with a set of long tallish legs. His fur is dark grey boarding on roan; the fur on his neck and between his shoulder blades are long and fluffy while the rest of him is short furred except for his elbows, ankles, and cheeks. His fur is always clean and sleek- not a hair out of place. A grey back band runs below his shoulders.

"I believe in process. I believe in four seasons. I believe that winter's tough, but spring's coming. I believe that there's a growing season. And I think that you realize that in life, you grow. You get better."

-Steve Southerland



Kindhearted and gentle, Greyback is always willing to help those in need. He prides himself in being an approachable wolf and able to lend an ear for those in need.

He is cool-headed and has immense self control when it comes to his emotions. He is often the one to defuse situations, and even be soft hearted to those who did wrong. However if someone were to do something he believes is wrong he will try in the best of his ability to be understanding and listen to their side. If all else fails he will put himself between the problem and them. Greyback does not believe in fighting, he believes that patience will prevail against anything. If someone were to attack him he would refuse to fight back.

One of Greybacks drawbacks is that he can be naive when it comes to others emotions and be quite candid at times. This, and his overwhelming urge to protect often leads to him worrying about the well being of other animals and perusing ways to fix them- even if it means denying himself of opportunities.
STRENGTH: ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆
SPEED: ◆◆○○○○○○○○
STAMINA: ◆◆◆◆○○○○○○
FIGHTING: ○○○○○○○○

Cedar wood and Baby's Breath
[Image: baby_s_breath_pixel_f2u_by_nerdy_pixel_girl-dawva4v.png]

WEIGHT AND HEIGHT (to shoulder)
180lbs 37in | 81kg 93cm

Voice is Troy Baker
Theme is Lumina

Pack History

Stream Of Creek - Daughter
"You seemed troubled, I wish I knew how to help. You also seem familiar."

Valette - Acquaintance
"Thank you for everything. I owe you a great debt."

Cardinal - Stranger
"I would like to be friends, you seem nice."

Steph - Acquaintance
"Young as ever, I cant wait to see what you grow into."
LONE WOLF — 07/04/2011 till 1/31/18
EASTHOLLOW — 01/31/18 till present
Profile of Greyback: Additional Information
He tends to keep his history private, especially his children.

He is a hopeless romantic and quite oblivious to flirtation and innuendos

His favorite activity is hunting. His favorite prey is the northern caribou and snow hares

He often speaks in a sophisticated tone due to his upbringing but is embarrassed when he notices

He is self aware of his scar and gets uneasy when people stare

His joints ache when it rains
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