Profile of Casimir: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Casimir Jolon Starseeker
Subspecies: Grey Wolf/Arctic Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (November 1, 2016)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
At A Glance
A lean, handsome male with a silvery head. His eyes are a luminous green, and his face is compliment by a striking sand-gold. A mischievous grin is plastered along his handsome face, and his elegant figure is poised in a cat-like way.
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Profile of Casimir: Details
Casimir is a lean, muscled young boy with gleaming green eyes and a thick, pure white coat. He has a silver mask with pale-gold streaks (like a lighter version of his sister's,) and white brow dots. There is a strip of that arctic white that lies in a strip on his lips going up to just above his black snout. This same white marks a round patch further up on his snout, on the bridge between his snout and forehead. His ears are also touched with this snowy tint Casimir is quite handsome, much like his sister Xahi. The young male has thick, dense fur around his neck. Cas has a slender face, and although he is long and graceful, he has very powerful legs. He weighs in at 100lbs and is 2"9 feet at the shoulder.

Cas is an ambitious, charming male with knack for dazzling others. His sheer confidence gives him an alluring aura, which he often uses to his advantage. He tries to create connections with all, most of the time flirting. However, in reality, Casimir is incredibly selective about who he actually secures as a friend. Casimir is truly, at heart, a young boy who lost his mother, and can be defensive or detached because of this. His flirting is only a coping mechanism, and he looks for mother-figures in many of the females he meets. Casimir, though he has a slight preference for males as romantic partners, finds himself taking the most confort in maternal figures.
*Casimir has a tendency to horribly ramble when his mask of slickness is pulled away*

Casimir was born alongside his siblings, Varr, Xahi, Aezra, and Adonis, to their mother, Ezimette. After Ezimette was killed in battle, Cas and his siblings set off to find the Teekon Wilderness, which Ezimette often spoke of. However, they became estranged, and have not interacted since.
Mother: Ezimette
Father: Unknown/TBD
Siblings:Xahi,Arnvarr, Aezra,
Profile of Casimir: Additional Information
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