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Full Name: Jol Tok Ich'aak
Subspecies: Coyote
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (2015)
Birthplace: Tikal Bal'aj
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schematics of lightless pitch with stippling accents of brass strewn across his spine. a quiet constellation of swirling black vortexes dapple his shoulders, interspersed between idyllic patches of sunmote copper. among coyotes his height has no rival - among wolves, his stature is diminutive though much of his frame is bolstered by robust cauldron-black fur. his muzzle is bone-thin and accompanied by unsettling jaguar-green eyes.
wily and wary.
Ich'aak, born Jol Tok Ich'aak (Skull Great Paw) was born to Ajaw Chak Jol K'inich, nagua of the Tikal tribe. As an adolescent he showed a predilection for nagua and magicka, and would have served the position well were it not for his controversial sacrifice of the Ajaw's favorite concubine, Unen Bahlam. Whlie Jol Tok Ich'aak defended his atrocious act by claiming death god Ahal Puh commanded it, in truth he killed Unen Bahlam in a fit of passion after she rejected his advances. Chak Jol K'inich, unable to pass sentence to execute his eldest son, sent Ich'aak into exile.
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Ich'aak does not speak English. Please keep that in mind if you request threads with him.
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