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Basic Info
Full Name: Leathchúpla "Tywyll" Blackthorn
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain
Sex: Male
Age: Unborn (March 17th 2018)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera
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Profile of Tywyll: Details
Unlike most of the blackthorn babies Tywyll consists of a darker palette. His fur is charcoal with an inky black stripe down his back. Paws are dipped in pitch black. his eyes will go from a sweet puppy blue to a bright yellow gold that sharply stick out upon his dark face.
Tywyll will be one to always attempt to grab his parents eye and the spotlight in general. He will attempt to be the dominant one of his litter and will always try to challenge and out do his brother in a competitive way, not intentionally mean though sometimes borderline bullying.

From the moment his eyes are open he will be daring and curious, the curiosity sometimes leading him to troublesome scenarios.He will have some difficulty expressing his emotions, going from awkwardness to just plain shutting things out and not speaking about things till it causes him enough pain to burst. Despite being a challenging and tough boy his patience is surprisingly high, he'll have an optimistic outlook on failure. It would probably take a lot to make him seriously angry which is why he can bury things so well, because he can take a lot.

On a note more like his father he's very family oriented. While he likes to act better than his brother and out do him, Tywyll will also love him fiercely. He'd do anything for his family and despite not knowing how to express himself that well he'll demonstrate his love and care through actions. He wont have the desire to leave home unless something happens in Character and while he'll love the whole pack he will care more about his blood family. His father will be his idol and his mother his best friend, he looks up to and aspires to be like them.
Parents: Elwood and Finley Blackthorn

Siblings*: Eljay,Lagan,Liffey,Lucy,Fiadh,Lucca,Tegan and Clover Blackthorn.

Mostly siblings*: Orca,Towhee,Titmouse,Wildfire,Whip, and Gannet Redhawk.

*In game relations shown only. He has a bilion other relations.
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