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Full Name: Raleska
Subspecies: Coywolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (04/1/18)
Birthplace: Ankyra Sound
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A marbled silhouette of grey and black, propped up by disproportionate limbs. Cute puppy-face, shallow chest, and a still-neonatal muzzle dwarfed by floppy puppy ears.

A windborne and listless virago at full maturity, Raleska is more weed than wolf. Full of coarse bristle, she is gamine and cloaked in roughshod bearing. Her bristling coat is colored like chips of blasted basalt and tempered by frayed andesite. Any aesthetic gravitas her serrated pelt warrants is cut down immediately by the coarseness of her features, or destroyed by the unattractive scowl that haunts her muzzle, or possibly both. A firebrand despite her monochromatic construction, Raleska holds the barracuda's stare - two tourmaline eyes baptized by fire.

4/1/18 -- Born to a crusty barnacle and a salty old triscuit.
Pack History
Caiaphas & Kierkegaard, her womb-slave & sperm donor respectively.
Big Bitey, Chief Hindrance, & Rotund Prince, her smelly littermates.
Miscreant Biscuit, surrogate sib who still gets to nurse >:(
Wylla, Lycaon, & Ingram, her adoptive siblings.

GRIMMERWOLF - (birth to 5/24/18)
LOST AND SAD WOLF - (5/24 to 6/26/18)
CONFUSED REDHAWK - (6/27/18 - present)
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