Profile of Silkie: Quick Facts

avatars: mary & somniari; reference: eredhys

Basic Info
Full Name: Silkie
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 0.25 (April 20, 2018)
Birthplace: Dragoncrest Cliffs, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Silkie: Details
a pudgy cupcake. that one day when puberty hits will evolve from cupcake to beefcake.

his frequently mussed and windswept fur is primarily creamy-white accented with a ashy-brown face mask; a darker mirror to his biological father's own. his milky blue irises have begun their transition to their adult brown.
Health - 100%

thus far in his life silkie is just a happy-go-lucky boy whose interests are naps, playing with his siblings, going on adventures ( even if those do not range too far beyond hougeda at the moment ) and chasing + catching bugs, frogs & other assorted small wildlife. he shows signs of having a fairly laid back demeanor, pretty go-with-the-flow without too much fuss; coupled with a natural confidence and will become headstrong (likely as he hits those teen months). stubbornness aside, he's a family man; as he grows he'll become protective and loyal to his family (and drakru) and would do anything for them. he's acutely observant and this natural trait will work in his favor of making him into a tracker.

→ silkie is bilingual speaking common tongue and trigedasleng fluently.

(Personality is not set in stone and is liable to change via organic ic development)
04.20.2018 — silkie is born alongside two sisters and a brother
06.28.2018 — silkie & co. are moved to hougeda
Pack History
PARENTS: Thuringwethil x Wildfire (sired by Étoille)
LITTERMATES: Rorqual "Bat" , Kiwi , Tux
OLDER SIBLINGS: Blixen , Artaax , Robin "Bobby"

(has a plethora of relations within the redhawk family via wildfire).

[Image: gamekeeper.gif] — earned xx.xx.xxxx
tracker — xx.xx.xxxx
[Image: gamekeeper_master.gif] — earned xx.xx.xxxx
Profile of Silkie: Additional Information
adopted: 6/29/2018

will not earn the drakru surname until he earns his first trade
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@silkie if you'd like a thread | "common" "trigedasleng" | pupguide
where he walks power unfolds,
untaming beasts, cracking temples
and unfettering hearts.
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