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Bearclaw Valley

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Full Name: Lucas Redleaf
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0 (April 10, 2018)
Birthplace: Bearclaw Valley
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Lucas is an incredibly fat pup who constantly wiggles and dances because he's a star, baby. Much of his fur on his sides, underside and nape is off-white due to high percent piebalding, while his topside is rapidly developing into cinereous taupe. He has a distinct white star marking and is ridiculously fluffy thanks to his Arctic blood. As an adult, his eyes will be bright blue and crinkled at the corners with perpetual mirth.
Pack History
Parents: Laurel and Xan
Siblings: Piper and Wyatt
Grandparents: Reek and Saena
Great-Grandparents: Kisu and Pied
Piblings: Astik, Indra, Phoenix, Tambourine and Tapat
Bearclaw Valley: σ, ο (current)
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