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Full Name: Lucas Redleaf
Subspecies: Mixed wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0 (10/04/2018)
Birthplace: Bearclaw Valley
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Lucas is an incredibly fat kid who can always be found bopping and dancing to the rhythm in his head because he's a star, baby. Much of his fur on his sides, underside and nape is off-white due to high percent piebalding, while his topside is broken cinereous taupe. He has a distinctive white star marking and is ridiculously fluffy thanks to his Arctic blood. His eyes are a bright pale blue, inquisitive and inviting and full of wonder.
Current stage: Rapid growth, gaining about 1.7 pounds per week until approx. Oct 20.
Pack History
Parents: Laurel, Xan
Siblings: Piper, Wyatt

Grandparents: Reek, Saena
Great-Grandparents: Kisu, Pied
Half-Siblings: Marten, Nunataq, Yakone
Piblings: Astik, Indra, Phoenix, Tambourine, Tapat
Cousins: Merrick
10/04/2018 — now
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