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Full Name: Coelho (pronounced: 'quay-lieu')
Subspecies: Coywolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (2014)
Birthplace: Goliath's Teeth
At A Glance
[Image: G37Co9K.png]
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Profile of Coelho: Details
A wasp-waisted, small thing. Her countenance is mostly flaxen-grey, with a rich embellishment of copper along the bridge of her nose and her absurdly long ears. Her muzzle, chest and underside are a clinical bone-white. Rich bands of black and silver tick her spine. She sports a relatively plush agouti coat, but all in weighs a staggering 45lb. Despite the fine-boned elegance of her thin limbs and face, Coelho is affably clumsy, and always has a cheery glint in the warm sorrel of her gaze.
Superfast, headstrong, and a little dumb at times. Friendly and deferential, Coelho is a true omega among wolves, and will be submissive to anything - including a worm, if it looked at her dirty enough. Which it probably would, because worms are hella dirty.
Born outside of Seahawk Valley, Coelho expertly lived the transient dispersal wolf life -- until she just about starved to death. In a fit of desperation she ate from a cache in Shearwater, nearly got killed, then roamed a few years before arriving haphazard and stir-wild in the Teekon Valley.
Profile of Coelho: Additional Information
Coelho is a permanent Omega - please feel free to reference or play on this in threads. You may PP Coelho within character at any time, no permission needed.
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“Call him Judas if you want
but he did it for reasons
much older than silver.”
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