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Full Name: Faye Rochester
Subspecies: mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (06/24/2018)
Birthplace: dawnlark plains
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Faye is headstrong and practical, preferring routine and order and very much a homeboy. Self-reliant and certainly capable, she will tackle any task she sets for herself, and heavily dislikes any interference, making her a less than stellar team player. This attitude, along with her preference for directing the activities of others, makes her appear controlling or even conceited.

However, as she grows, she will hopefully learn to let go of her perfectionism and desire to be seen as capable and independent, and learn how to better work in a team. Direct and blunt, she often regrets what she does or says in wishes she could be more tactful; this too is a learning curve to come with age. Has trouble relaxing, and being anything other than serious; at heart, she is lawfully good.
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Dame: Aviana Dalia Rochester
Sire: Howl
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