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Full Name: Ceara "Fire" Blackthorn
Pronunciation: SEAR · uh
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (March 29, 2016)
Birthplace: Montana, USA
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[Image: QakCx0N.png]

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➤ General Appearance: Wildfire fur, gunmetal eyes. Always smells like apples, even when they're not in season. Pellentesque ut est vitae libero iaculis ullamcorper. Ut accumsan elementum enim, id tempus metus interdum vel. Fusce luctus turpis scelerisque metus dignissim volutpat. Aliquam quis lacinia nibh, nec efficitur diam. Nam condimentum vehicula eros id ullamcorper. Cras in lectus elementum, efficitur quam quis, eleifend odio. Nunc accumsan convallis elit, in facilisis sem cursus id.

Curabitur accumsan purus ac mattis eleifend. Praesent quis arcu laoreet, tincidunt mauris a, mollis ante. Nam magna tellus, placerat quis enim quis, interdum interdum odio. Proin aliquam elit elit, vel mattis metus finibus ac. Sed vel suscipit tellus. Praesent eleifend pulvinar libero, eget viverra purus faucibus quis. Integer consectetur posuere neque sit amet consectetur. Curabitur accumsan lectus quam, ut mollis ligula ultricies non.

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s t r e n g t h s :

brave | determined | forward | spirited | strong | calculative | rational | controlled | protective | independent | vigilant | direct | self-reliant | loyal | focused | resourceful

w e a k n e s s e s :

rash | stubborn | temperamental | unstable | greedy | over-sensitive | rude | selfish | explosive | tactless | impulsive | aggressive | cynical | self-critical


❝ whip, whip, run me like a racehorse❞

❝ break me down and build me up❞

Pack History
a whoooooooooooooooole shit load of family members
and a handful of crushes she dares not speak out loud.
i forget what rank it is lol lmfao the lowest rank
(it's Nu, thanks Fira) arrow > epsilon
Resident Yarrow Expert™ (from Raven)
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you were born with a destiny greater than this galaxy.  keep your arms stretched towards the sky, keep lusting after the vast unknown.
you will find your place amongst the stars.
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