Profile of Laska: Quick Facts
Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Laska
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (7/8/2014)
Birthplace: On the outskirts of a town, in a field.
At A Glance
Others could notice that Laska has piercing grey eyes and that her stature is petite.

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Profile of Laska: Details
Laska is petite and pure white. The tips of her ears have the smallest amount of black on them, almost unnoticeable. She has a salmon colored nose andicy grey eyes almost like a crystal. Laska has long slender legs, perfect for running long distances with smaller paws. She was the smallest of her litter and was never 'fully' grown. She weighs around 68 pounds.
Laska is very cautious in her ways, she loves to explore but always has her eyes, ears, and nose searching for anything that can harm her. She's always been alone but likes to see herself as loyal and respectful. All this seems nice but if pushed Laska can hold her own despite her looks.
On the outskirts of a busy town there was a small pack and small it was. When Laska was born she was the last born. The pack consisted of her mother, father, 2 siblings, a beta, and an omega. The pack was destined to disband at some point, when she was a year and a half Laska saw her pack disband, they went their separate ways. She wanted to follow her mother and father but unfortunately she was the smallest of the litter and was always treated as an outsider. They let her accompany them for a few days and on the third night while Laska was sleeping they snuck off, letting the night engulf Laska on her own. From then on she has been weary of new wolves. She'd rather be the one to leave rather than the one who is left.
-Met Moonshadow, she was invited to help look for a missing pup.
-Helped Moonshadow look for a pup in Rising Sun Valley.
-Now in Kintla Flatlands
She doesn't consider her family, family.
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