Profile of Kavik: Quick Facts

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Northstar Vale

Basic Info
Full Name: Kavik Tonrar
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (5/28/2016)
Birthplace: Alaska
At A Glance
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The strong, silent type

Height: 3.2ft
Length: 5ft
Weight: 170lbs
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Profile of Kavik: Details
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Kavik's coat is inky black and thick. His eyes are bright green. He is lean, muscular, and very tall.

Sometimes, his quiet nature may come off as rude. He's a nice guy; he just doesn't talk unless he feels there's a reason to say something.



-Sometimes sarcastic

-Not good at sharing feelings



Alignment: Lawful Good
Kavik was a member of a small pack in Alaska. He was one of their best hunters.

His parents were young and he was the only pup to survive their first litter. His brother and sister did not make it past one week, so he did not know them and has no attachment to them.

His pack had some leadership issues and decided disbanding was in everyone's best interest. Kavik decided to separate from his parents and go out on his own.
Pack History
Mate: Liri

Offspring: None yet

Friends: TBD
LONE WOLF - 3/20/2018 to 6/1/2018

BRACKEN SANCTUARY - 6/1/2018 to 6/25/2018

NORTHSTAR VALE - (PLEDGED) 6/25/2018 to 8/1/2018

Profile of Kavik: Additional Information
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Hunter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Liri Is allowed in any of Kavik's threads, even private ones.
Genevieve (Liri's player) is always allowed to PP with Kavik.
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