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Full Name: Kai "Hawk-marked" Avingenting
Subspecies: Wolfdog (50% coastal wolf, 25% catahoula leopard dog, 25% curly coated retriever)
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (March 7, 2017)
Birthplace: ??? (Somewhere beyond Teekon)
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Profile of Kai: Details
Thanks to a mixed heritage, she looked rather jumbled and odd as a child. Following her first birthday, she's grown into her unusual looks and there's no denying she's a beauty. The witch is tiny, lithe and supple in movement with an ectomorph's build, her slender legs and small feet always seem to be on the move. In adulthood, she grew to adopt her mother's thick lupine pelt which lends a shaggy coverage that hides most scars, save where a hawk marked her underbelly with its talons, but not her feminine curves. She's well muscled and powerful though her shaggy coat gives the overall impression of bulkiness and capability.

Despite taking the conformation and general appearance of her wild ancestors, the dryad's coloring immediately marks her as part dog. A cape of pale dove grey spills down the back of her neck to flow down her spine and immerse her tail. Her face is nearly entirely reddish fawn in color, save for some small grey patches masking her eyes and a darker grey gunmetal coloring her right ear. Burnt sienna socks, nearly crimson, extend partially up her legs, fading back to fawn and then patchy grey and brown towards her shoulders. This same fire tips her tails and streaks between her eyes. Her underbelly is pale, nearly white, and her sides are peppered with multiple patches and speckles from a multitude of brown shades, from pale fawn to deep mahogany in a "leopard" pattern she inherited from her father. Possessing "glass" eyes of a very pale blue, almost white, she gives off an eerie vibe when first encountered and the "crack" of brilliant cerulean in her right eye does little to dispel this.

The naiad's appearance is generally feral and unkempt. Her paws and snout are permanently stained with a riot of color - from the berries, herbs, plants, and dyes she's obsessed with - and often her face is painted, which involves little more than smearing or dipping her face in the paints.. At times, she's covered in dirt or soot and seems oblivious to her dirty state. The thick mane of fur, starting around her upright ears, is matted beyond help into dread-like clumps that frame her face. These dreads extend through her ruff, giving her a wild look, and to so some extent flow down her spine to her tail. At times, Kai has plants - any natural debri really - caught in her messy coat and she sometimes tucks flowers or fragrant plants into her dreads for decorative effect.
"I am iron and I forge myself."

"What is it about the word 'king' that makes even reasonable people behave like idiots?"

"This world is too small for you."

A neurotic woman with a highly balanced personality. Possessing reasonable fear, and a vast intellect, she wisely does not hold herself as immune. Instead, she forever keeps herself a student of the world around her, and is always at attention, as she should be. She has a tendency to have bad nerves and react with anger towards her insecurities. Kai is an eccentric and joyful girl with a bizarre and zany air about her and is often the source of entertainment among friends. Though this is arguably a facade to hide the more serious and emotionally troubled girl brooding beneath the surface. Nonetheless, she is sincere in her loyalty to those who have won her heart and is respected for her sharp intellect and wisdom.

She is a devoted servant of her gods(vague nature spirits that she believes inhabit everything in the natural world) and has been known to experience spiritual "visions" in her dreams. The girl is practically feral and uses few words. She has little grasp on language and chunks are missing from her memory, a result from her plunge into the sea. The words she does utter are used mostly for emphasis and she speaks mainly through vocalizations and body language.

She's been known to travel with animals in the past, something akin to familiars or friends rather than pets. Most would find this queer if not for the remainder of her oddities. Indeed, her fascination with all things related to nature is the least notable of her quirks.
Born to a swarthy sea wolf, she was chucked over a cliff moments after being born. Kai would never know this nor the reason why she was so unceremoniously tossed away but it might have been her runt status or perhaps she was merely unwanted.

It's by sheer luck that a predatory hawk snatched up the girl, leaving her 'Hawk-marked', intending to eat her. On its way back to a safe place to scarf down the infant, Kai's hawk was attacked by a hungry rival and in the chaos, she was dropped. Caught in the underbrush and on the broad leaves of tropical plants, the child found the ground with hardly a scratch to show for her misadventures. It was then that she was found by a nursing vixen who Kai would later know as Elin, who rather than eat the scrumptious morsel, took it home to raise alongside her kits.

As her foster siblings came of age, they dispersed but Kai remained, content to stay in the cove where her vixen mother had raised her. She was happy here until Elin disappeared, unbeknownst to Kai she'd been swept out to sea after swimming out just a tad too far from the coast. Kai searched, but unable to find her foster mother, she gave up.The dryad stayed in the cove, hoping to cling to some semblance of her home.

As her first birthday passed, the naiad moved on, unsatisfied living alone. She decided to see the world and travelled alone in peace for two months. Recently, she was attacked by a band of pirates and found herself backed against the precipice of a cliff as they closed in. Between surrendering to the mercies of the pirates and surrendering to the sea, she chose to throw herself at the ocean's mercy once more. After washing ashore and meeting the brooding Kjalarr, she wanders south with Tula further inland and bumps her head in a tumble on the mountains, furthering her speech loss and her strange behavior.
Mother: ???
Father: ???
Siblings: ???
Foster mother: Elin
Foster Siblings: ???
Familiars: Nanga, garter snake, Mohibe, sea otter, Tula, songbird,
Profile of Kai: Additional Information
*I do not have an exact image of what Kai looks like given that I'm seriously lacking in the artsy department. Her avi is a Google image of a husky/catahoula cur mix, for a general reference of her appearance :)
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