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Full Name: Uki
Subspecies: Arctic wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years (February 8, 2015)
Birthplace: Northern Alaska
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A lean, slender creature with wiry musculature and a lissome build. With a shaggy cloak of alabaster coating her, she appears a bit fluffier and bulkier than she truly is. She has the build of an ectomorph with thin legs and small paws. A dainty curve of the neck gives way to a small head with fine, feminine features and eyes the color of moonlight. Her canines are unusually long, giving her a dire look. The only markings she bears are several scars - bites at the back of her neck, a vertical scar that splits both her lips on the left side of her snout, and a jagged slash across her throat. These scars paint a vivid picture of being brutally forced to submit.
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"You've got the words to change a nation
but you're biting your tongue.
You've spent a life time stuck in silence,
afraid you'll say something wrong.
If no one ever hears it, how we gonna learn your song?
You've got a heart as loud as lions,
so why let your voice be tamed?
Maybe we're a little different,
there's no need to be ashamed.
You've got the light to fight the shadows,
so stop hiding it away."

A feral creature, as likely to respond with aggression as she is with cooperation. She is selectively mute, speaking aloud to only those she trusts above all else - which is a very small pool of people. A lost soul in desperate need of saving, she's likely to fall under the control of the first person to show her kindness. There is an unbridled savagery about her; one can sense unspeakable horrors have been inflicted on her. In the right hands, this can be constrained and in time, tiqaqq's stsa' is a useful weapon.

In response to trauma, she seems not entirely sane. She's a conflicted, manic being who seems forever torn between subservience and defense. With a timorous attitude accentuated by her submissive body language, it's hard to find her threatening despite the gleam of madness found within her eyes. Despite her rather nervous nature, the girl is naturally enchanting and once you've gained her cautious trust, she's an endearing creature that's been known to sway even the sternest of hearts.

Her own beliefs are a bit confusing, she believes in gods though her gods are simpler - the earth, the moon, and the sun. She understands duty and honor, even upholds them and finds them to be important to her. She's willing to do what she must for the right cause, and with the right inspiration. In her most private thoughts, however, the girl thinks that perhaps there's more to life than her parents' idea of it, perhaps there's more to be found in the world.

She has a tendency to hoard objects she finds as fascinating and once choosing a place as her home, she makes it her own. At times, she does odd or seemingly pointless things but be assured, she has reasons. She also has a belief for sacrifices for she believes the gods are fickle and require the same sustenance that she does.

Her alignments seem a bit scattered, she tends to be offensive only when provoked and does not actively seek battle. Yet, raised in a harsh environment and forced to conform, the waif has a moral code all her own. She adheres to no law but her own; her justice tends to be harsh and unforgiving. If observed it becomes clear that she values growth and experience above all else. There is a secret part of her that treasures peace and often she can be found in quiet contemplation. Even as a child, she seemed a quiet girl that was perhaps ahead of her time; she appears at her heart to have been dealt the wrong hand in life. Angakkuq seems to challenge notions, change minds, and ask questions that have never been voiced.
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She was born to two dispersal wolves in Northern Alaska, the smallest and last born of her litter. It was early in life that she began to observe those around her, and it was with distaste that she discovered her own life as she grew out of puppyhood. Her father was a harsh brute who spoke little and landed heavy blows when he struck. Her mother was a fierce bitch, who'd likely have eaten Uki if her maternal instincts had been a tad weaker. They were wild beings, with only the slightest of holds on sanity or speech and little appreciation for beauty or anything beyond themselves. Thanks to the conditions her family lived in and the abuse she found at the hands of such a family, the girl roamed from home often, as far as she dared(in time she proved to be very daring) in search of life and adventures. In time, the child turned to the wilderness fully and left her abusive family behind.

She fell in love with world around her. She could often be found roaming, at times she'd even travel to the sea to watch the pods of orcas pass by or further south to see the herds of caribou migrating. At home, in her forest, she was content to live alone, until the lynx, Thom, came across her secluded heath. The feline, as large as the yearling Uki was, took up permanent residence in the forest and despite her intentions, the isolated girl found a friend in the large cat. In time, they even hunted together and shared a den. Alas, the peace did not last long.

The upbringing she faced and the lifestyle she was raised in indicated that men took what they wanted. Her father had been the first to eat, he was the most dominant. For such barbaric people, it was not extraordinary to hear of a young girl being forced to submit and stolen away. Still, it was with great surprise that her oldest brother found her forest and even more frightening yet, sought to claim her as his own. In the fight to keep herself from being stolen, Uki blinded him. So rattled was she by these developments, that she fled her forest to head south.

Whilst traveling alone, the tupilaq was run across by two males. Brutally, the girl was attacked and forced to submit. The males, a pair of brothers, raped the tundrian and left her bloodied - her throat torn open in an attempt to silence her after they'd defiled her.

Uki, panicked and weak, managed to wash the wound and bind it long enough to find the herbs she would need. The northern withheld sobs for fear it would open her throat and finish the job for the pair. For months there was little she could do but hide herself away, heal, and bide her time. In time, she tracked the brothers down and on a cold winter night, they found their end in her fangs. This was likely the most notable event that led to her insanity.

Shortly after moving on, the tapeesa found herself stumbling upon a small tribe where she stayed for a time. The tundrian finished healing, trained as a spearwife and even found herself on a council full of spiritual shamans/healers. Uki earned her name, given by a kind mentor, as she had never had one previously.

Eventually, she decided to continue south in search of the rich and green lands she'd heard so much about. After departing, she travelled for some time and unknowingly winds up in the Teekon Wilds. She enters the Wilds from the east, finding herself in Blackfoot Forest. It's here that she meets Siarut, a male of similar heritage who seems to speak her language. He invites her to follow his family and she accepts with little thought given.
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Profile of Uki: Additional Information
- Uki does not speak English. She speaks solely the Inuttuk language of the Inuit.

- Name meaning: survivor in Inuttuk

- Uki synonyms: tapeesa, spearwife, tupilaq, tundrian, northern, waif, angakkuq, pagan, tba

Synonym definitions: Tapeesa = arctic flower, Tupilaq = 'familiar' as in a witch's familiar (given as a nickname by the Angakkuq who mentored her in her tribe), Angakkuq = witch, Taqiqq's stsa' = the moon's daughter

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"The darkest minds tend to hide behind the most unlikely faces."
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