Profile of Dio: Quick Facts

Mate to Portia
Basic Info
Full Name: Dio Drakru
Subspecies: ½ Arctic × ¼ Timber × ¼ Buffalo Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (November 29th, 2012)
Birthplace: Shikkotsurin
At A Glance
Big, tall, and with fur in shades of gold, cream, and white with silver accents. Trim waist, considerable shoulders, bright mismatched eyes, notably long canine teeth, and scarred skin on his neck.
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Profile of Dio: Details
A large, sturdy wolf colored in varying soft tans, creams, and ivory that fades to pure white at his underside, it is accented sharply with occasional shocks of sterling silver that concentrate into a saddling of duskiness at his shoulders. Naturally, he is paler-furred in the wintertime and more golden come summer. His eyes are mismatched, the left rough orange and right turquoise. He also has a notable scar where his neck meets the top of the shoulder on his left side, and another, finer one almost-entirely around his neck. His bottom left canine is fractured in half and he has healing scars on his right front leg (up to his shoulder) and side of hip. (pic by magdalyn)
A creature of luck, ambition, and a sharp cunning when necessary (and he is appropriately motivated), he is a dynamic, adaptable, individual stimulated by challenge and desire. A good cause finds him highly dedicated.
Just before his birth, his vagabond mother managed to find an old forest pack's doorstep and joined their ranks. She offered the lives of her offspring for whatever they deemed fit in exchange for her spot among them. The pack, having recently found peacetime, could reluctantly afford it. But, within the first few weeks, only one puppy survived. Then around his second month, his mother made a stealthy exit, effectively abandoning him.

Orphaned and with nowhere else to be, he grew up among the year's other puppies. Dio remained with them well into his juvenile months and at best, scraped by for a middling status. Then, near his first birthday and after a long series of missteps, he was branded too much of a nuisance and ran off by the reigning alpha, Makyo. He roamed for several months on the fringes of packs and in neutral spaces, making do with whatever caught his interests with an appropriately roving lifestyle. This eventually brought him into contact with Viviana Giamalva, an impressive female of status, and she led him back to her family's longstanding pack: Stavern Rise. He joined after fathering her a litter and courtesy of her renown in the family, Dio was well-received.

Within the ranks of the Rise he managed to build a fast brotherly bond with Viviana's younger brother, Matteo. He was a wolf groomed for success and affluence from an early age, and it showed. They became close in no time, which motivated and inspired him more than his previous endeavors ever had. He went on and lived comfortably among the Giamalva wolves for a good while, content with his bonds forged as they established themselves.

The pack did well with Matteo and Dio as Alpha and Beta respectively, even if the lines were blurred sometimes between them. But with time, dire events unfolded. There was a vicious fight, then a wildfire. In the aftermath of it all, he found himself severely displaced and lost without Matteo at his side. He was left to roam alone again and traveled aimlessly down the coastline in the winter until he met Thuringwethil, a mysterious dark commander that called herself Heda. Dio went on to join her pack, Sleeping Dragon, and swiftly assumed the role of guardian -- or rather, Gona in their ranks. Eventually, he rose to their most respected guard and head warrior, the rank of Wocha among the Hedonakru. There he served comfortably.

Early in the winter, however, their volcano home began to show signs of activity. This escalated to the point of ousting the pack from their claim, forcing them to relocate near the sea. Along the coast, he and Portia became mates, and Drageda grew.
Pack History
Parents: Silje Stoja ♀ & Dyre Saturnin ♂
Siblings: Unnamed littermate ♀✝, Unnamed littermate ♀✝, Matteo Giamalva ♂✝ (adopted)

Mate: Portia Moreau ♀
Offspring: 11/11/2014: Aria Impresario ♂, Kilika ♀✝ (× Lore Beaissa)
01/31/2015: Montorio Giamalva ♂✝, Marizsa Giamalva ♀, Versace Giamalva ♂, Ungario Giamalva ♂✝ (× Viviana Giamalva)
12/21/2015: Vitorio Giamalva ♂, Ariosto Giamalva ♂✝, Vicario Giamalva ♂ (× Viviana Giamalva)
01/16/2016: Giovanna Giamalva ♀ (× Elettra Giamalva, litter split w/ Matteo)
03/17/2017: Sirio ♂, DaliaPortia)
03/20/2017: Antler ♂✝, Artaax ♂, Blixen ♀, Phoenix ♂✝, RobinWildfire, Thuringwethil)
06/07/2018: Sequoia ♀, Dacio ♂, Opalia(× Portia)
(family tree)
Shikkotsurin (11/29/2012 to 9/28/2013) » Lone Wolf (10/28/2013 to 12/31/2014) » Stavern Rise (12/31/2014 to 12/21/15) » Lone Wolf (12/21/15 to 2/18/16) » Sleeping Dragon (2/18/16 to 12/17/16) » Drageda (12/18/16 to present)

Trades: (specializations)
Primary: Mercenary (guardian, warrior)
Secondary: Chronicler (historian)
Profile of Dio: Additional Information
◊ lounges menacingly.
◊ mercenary + chronicler threads welcome always.
◊ for Drageda wolves: he is available for escort duties or really anything else that may need a guard any time. feel free to tag or use him vaguely and I can cameo or post as needed. also reference him as needed doing typical defense/guard stuff.
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