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You had your maps drawn - Maia - June 13, 2018

tag can be for reference or this can be our new thread! But aw <3

Maia was hugely disappointed with the way her first big hunt had gone, and even worse, she was a mass of bruises from the full on slam she'd taken from the moose's antlers.  Her shoulder and neck were stiff, and her side hurt, but it could have been way worse.

Still, when she returned in the mid-morning to the spot she and @Wraen usually settled in for the night, she collapsed with a dramatic "wmphhhh", letting out a sigh that ended in a slight, more annoyed than actually distressed whine as she stretched her sore shoulder out.  Ugh.  At least she'd learned something... the head was just as dangerous as the feet.

She'd found a nice other antler though... only a small part, likely snapped off during some mating clash or another.  It was large enough to make a nice chew toy, though, and since she was feeling sore and lazy, that was what she was going to do.

RE: You had your maps drawn - Bernard - June 15, 2018

Bernard had still been concerned for Maia, though she seemed okay after the hunt. Still, he thought it best to check up on her, and so he found himself tracking where she'd gone off to. He gave a low chuff to alert her of his presence as he approached with a soft smile. Hello, Maia. How are you feeling? Bernard asked gently, lowering himself to sit nearby.

RE: You had your maps drawn - Maia - June 15, 2018

It wasn't Wraen who came, though she had suspected when she first heard someone approaching.  Instead it was the kinda odd-looking wolf from the hunt, she kinda remembered.  Oh.  That meant he had definitely seen her bite the dirt.  Hard.

A lot of the pack had.  Oh boy.

She paused in her gnawing, the antler held between two paws, and looked at him, deciding to play it off. "Great," She said, with almost a little too much emphasis.  Perfect.  Nothing to see here. "You don't look like any wolf I've ever seen, who are you?". The subject change was a rude switch to focus on him, but she was not about to let it dwell on her right now.

RE: You had your maps drawn - Bernard - June 15, 2018

I hope it's alright for me to assume/improvise things a bit from when Bernie was on PPC. Feel free to correct me on any details. :'^)

Maia seemed eager to have the attention on him instead of herself, he noticed. Perhaps she was embarrassed from the hunting incident, or perhaps she was uncomfortable with his appearance. Well, it could be both. He was used to the latter, but he hoped it was just the former. My apologies—I am Bernard. Wraen has mentioned you a few times. All good things, of course, Bernard added with a genuine, warm smile. He was hesitant to mention his heritage, but it wasn't like it was a secret. If she was curious, he would humor her.

RE: You had your maps drawn - Maia - June 17, 2018

does the same haha

"Ohh yeah, you're her friend, right?"  Maia immediately brightened at the mention of her big sister, and that she'd been telling nothing but good things! "Of course, I'm the best, so that's all there would be to tell."  She almost said she was her favorite, but that brought to mind Wraen and Terance's current argument, and she wanted to avoid that like the plague.

"You're so... fluffy." But not in a bad way, obviously.  She'd never seen a wolf dog period, at least not that she could remember, and he was different enough that she was intrigued.  "Where are you from?  I've never seen a wolf look like you.  Not that looking like you is bad.  You look good, but fluffy.  In a - you know." In a friendly way, she was gonna say, but she trailed off because ya know what, he could take it like he wanted to.

RE: You had your maps drawn - Bernard - June 17, 2018

Bernard nodded. I am, He answered. Her prideful attitude made him chuckle. He smiled again when she mentioned his "fluffiness". Maia didn't seem to mind him being different, just curious, and that was alright with him. He appreciated her attempts to be friendly about his odd appearance. I came from outside of the Teekons after becoming separated from my family. I look different because my father was a dog, Bernard explained.

RE: You had your maps drawn - Maia - June 19, 2018

"Never heard of one."  She assumed it was some kind of different pack filled with super fluffy wolves, and that image made her smile, so she kept it. Why had he ever left such a cool place?  She'd chill with a bunch of fluff balls in a heartbeat.

Probably not the best term to use for him, but hey, she was fascinated by his fur.  "How long've you known Wraen?"  Wait, omg. "Do you have any good stories about her or Terance? Y'know, stuff they haven't told me about?"  Embarrassing stuff?  Oh man, this might be awesome.