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the old wolf remembered

Silver Creek the old wolf remembered
Read Only  July 29, 2016, 05:52 AM
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Read only! This is Shreya's last post before PPC status. :)

Ahh, passivity. The ultimate guilty pleasure. There would always be something to pay attention to — war, famine, destitution, betrayal, loss, love, infatuation, injury, argument, discovery, and the nurturing of young minds. Shreya had been through all of this and more in a matter of months. She was eight years old, and she had never looked so grey. Oh she remained sharp of mind and full of life, but Shreya had come to Teekon Wilds in search of sweet retirement. So far, that just hadn't happened.

The sun was setting gradually, and it was as beautiful as it had been when the nomads had first set paw on these lands. Shreya watched it, lying on her stomach and stretching out her creaky front legs in front of her. Naturally, she'd spent half the day mulling over Reek, Indra, Laurel, Spring, Laika and Casmir. She had fallen asleep, and expected to wake up with a plan fully formed. But instead she had woken up to this beautiful sunset and a feeling of revelation. She could step out of it. This was allowed. Nobody would stop her. Nobody would deny her peace.

Passivity was her new ambition.

She cared for Reek, Spring and Laika — and even that dratted Casmir — but they were adults, they could sort out their own nonsense. As for Indra and Laurel, Shreya could not remember the last time she'd loved anyone so dearly. But they were so young, and their lives ahead were full of light, yes, but also dark adventures and huge mistakes. Who was Shreya to stop them? She had made so many mistakes herself. She had been where Indra and Laurel were now, and no ancient busy-body had been around to tell her what to do.

No more would Shreya block Casmir's patriarchal panics or Laika's emotional misadventures. No more would she pull Spring back from personal doubt or step into her grandson's life with all guns blazing. No more would she plonk anyone back on track. No more would she stand as Delta. This old Mentor would forever give guidance and judgements, for that was who she was, but none of this would be grand. "Not sure what to do with yourself? Catch a fish. Wondering how to impress leadership? Be respectful and play a part. Looking for love? Be true to yourself. Wondering if you can poop in the herb garden? No. No you cannot."

The light from the sunset grew greater still, bathing Shreya in bright orange. She yawned. She would check on the Drama shortly and see if she was needed, then maybe catch someone a mouse if she could manage it. After that, she would perhaps seek out Amber for a short lesson on water herbs, then dig out her den a bit more.

But for now: time for another snooze.