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This is dated for Oct 1st. Claiming of Stone Circle. If you do not post here, Steady will assume you did not move with the pack. No posting order, however, please do not post more than once in a 24hr period. @Ezekiel @Valette @Anita @Grayday @Niita @Chaska @Philos @Eden. @Alyssum, not sure if she is joining STM or not in our current thread, so I'm vague here, but just in case, I'm tagging her, too.

        Steady was up before the sun that morning. He had gone to his favorite look out spot to say good bye to the mountain he had come to love. It was where some of his family were buried, and while he would miss visiting them, he knew this move was for the good of the pack. So, he called for them to gather. Valette's scouting for their new home had been successful, and Steady was confident it was the right place.

        When they had all come, he set out with them to head for new grounds. He tried not to move them too quickly, knowing that Adeline shoulder was still healing. It took a little time, going over two mountains, and through a valley, but with Valette's guidance, they finally reached their destination. Steady couldn't believe the field that greeted him. There were all different kinds of flowers, and of all colors. To his left, a large stone structure stood, and he walked towards it, stopping dead in the center. The boulders towered above him, some looking as though chunks had fallen off some time ago. It was here that he tilted his head back and howled their claim on the territory, inviting his family to join. He looked to each of them then. Welcome home, to East Hollow.

        They would start over here, build a new home. Steady would not leave the past behind, as he firmly believed he had learned too much to simply forget it. But, he would not allow it to lay on him as it once had. He looked to the future now, with his mate, his daughter, and his brothers and sisters. 
September 25, 2016, 11:06 PM
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Grayday was worried.

It was a time of joy, to be sure. He paced alongside Adeline on the way there, dull eyes tracking her movements for signs of discomfort or fatigue - he didn't have anything better to do, didn't feel like talking, had no room in his train of thought for the words of others. Worry for Amber still plagued him, interrupted only by worry for Adeline. The latter concerns were assuaged when they reached their new home and the girl seemed, to his eyes, no worse for wear, but he could not help but think about how very far from Silver Creek they had already been, and how much further they were, now.

But the sun was warm, despite the chill that was coming quickly to the land, and while these stone pillars had a strange sense about them, East Hollow had none of the ghosts or demons that'd plagued them at Silvertip. It would be good to them, he decided. It would be good for him.
September 26, 2016, 01:36 AM
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Chaska knew it was coming. That they would be moving. And at first, he was hesitant. There were no bad memories there. And wolves that had left, yet promised to return, how would they find them now? He did not know the reasoning behind the move either. Perhaps the land they were on was getting crowded.

But what is done is done. No going back. He was sticking with Steady. Chaska looked over to his alpha as Steady spoke. East Hollow. The name he would fall behind as to where they would be. What he represented.
September 26, 2016, 02:59 AM
Valette convinced Steady that the area she found was perfect, and she hoped her alpha would like the territory she found. She at least liked it. Valette was not a nervous female, but now she felt the nerves lightly when the whole pack followed her along side the mountain to the east. The path she also took with Ezekiel who was now gone. Valette was filled with sorrow and heartbreak. She felt like something happened to the male, or otherwise he wouldn't leave her right? He promised. But he never showed up.

Valette kept to Steady's pace but she was the one to safely guide everyone through the neutral territories. Eventually they came closer, Valette looked around Wapun to spot Ezekiel but he was not there. They continued and reached the stone circle. With the view on the large meadow below and the forest after the circle. Valette made up the name Easthollow. Which Steady seemed to have liked after all he took it as their pack name. Valette felt honored.

Of all of them she might have howled the loudest. Her long howls echoing over the landscape. She was hopeful Ezekiel might hear their howls and would come to them! The girl felt bad for leaving to go back to Silvertip but she couldn't wait forever and she knew Steady wanted to move. The girl decided that she would not let this moment drown in her heartbreak. No. She was proud. Proud she found this territory and proud that she led her whole pack here. Her new mentality only made her howl more powerful next to the one of Steady.

September 26, 2016, 09:24 AM
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        Adeline had conflicting emotions about the move. On the one hand, she wanted to get out and see what the world held off the mountain, but on the other, her parents were buried here. While Dad had assured her they could come visit whenever she wanted, he also cautioned that some other pack could claim the mountain, and then they wouldn't be able to come here anymore. She hadn't thought of that, but she was grateful that Dad did coddle her like he used to, and instead made her aware of the hard stuff, including Ezekiel's disappearance. He had been her best friend since early on, and while she missed him during his scouting mission, now that he was missing, it ran deeper. Her heart hurt with the thought that something could have happened to him.

        The traveling itself was a little harder than she expected. She could tell Dad was keeping the pace slower than he might have if she weren't injured. She was grateful for that, for not long into the move, her shoulder began to ache, and then to scream its defiance of the continued movement. Grayday seemed to stay beside her, for which she was grateful. She extended her neck, attempting to nuzzle his neck briefly in a sort of thank you.

        They reached the field, and a bunch of rocks set up in a formation. Adeline might have been impressed with them, had she not been exhausted. She let her body flow to the ground finally as the others howled their claim on the land. She was simply too tired to even join in. Her eyes flitted shut as she could no longer strain to keep them open. Surrounded by her family and feeling safe, she fell asleep.
September 26, 2016, 11:31 PM
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There was a flood of emotions and doubts moving through Eden's mind. All of her homes thus far had been temporary, so how could she know this would be any different? She couldn't, but the chance that it might be kept her going. This was a chance for her to build a new life and leave the pain behind.

She had her sister with her and a family by choice that would help her become stronger than she'd ever been. This, this was were she was meant to be.
September 26, 2016, 11:34 PM
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It had been a hard life for Ally, but to come across others like this was nothing but a blessing and she was ever grateful. Though she was still recovering from her injuries, she felt better than ever. All of the trauma she'd kept locked inside had been let go. It was time for her to be able to start anew.
September 27, 2016, 01:54 PM

        His howl died down, but his energy level seemed to go up. The claiming of a new territory was exciting, but when he turned around to face his brothers and sisters, they looked worn out. He gave them a soft smile. We've had a long journey. Rest now, and gather your energy back. There will be time for exploring later, he said. He hoped they would all stay in the immediate area together, as it would be safer. 

        He sat back on his haunches, his gaze taking in the surroundings. This time, however, he was looking for other wolves. He was not ready to rest yet, and decided to keep a lookout in case the others, like Adeline, decided to rest. 
September 28, 2016, 03:17 AM
Valette sat down next to Steady after the howl. She hoped that she wouldn't offend Niita. Her intentions weren't romantic so Valette decided to shrug it off. "You like it Steady?," she asked, with a soft smile. It was a nice sight, especially from the stone circle in the wide meadow below, normally having some deer grazing there but seeing how they just howled it probably scared them.

The girl looked around the group, all very tired. Her stamina levels were probably higher from all her traveling on her own. "I can take watch. Then you can rest too," she told Steady. It was not that she was going to sleep with all that went through her mind. Valette kept on wondering where Ezekiel was.

September 28, 2016, 09:19 AM
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Day thought about going to join Steady and Valette, but his row with Steady was still too new, and he didn't want to invite the man's anger by approaching him just yet. Too, he thought of curling up near Addie and taking a long nap - but he already felt accused of treachery, and didn't want to seem like he was living on the pack's hospitality. He was a functional member of the pack, and he was going to damn well show it.

Stretching his legs, he trotted away from the throng and toward the borders, lifting a leg here and there to strengthen the scent of the pack. For the most part, he worked behind Steady's back. While he didn't want to seem lazy, it also seemed like a good idea to stay out of the man's line of sight. Maybe if Day just stayed in the background long enough, Steady would forget he even existed, let alone that he was angry.

Still - somehow - it was without sorrow or bitterness that he took to his task. It was a bright, sunny day, and things would look even better in the morning. Eventually, he thought, things will right themselves.
September 29, 2016, 05:21 PM
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The mere thought of moving was exhilirating yet scary at the same time. Leaving Silvertip Mountain -- well, they'd still be their old pack at heart, but she could only begin to think about what was to come next. Her ears pressed forward as Steady spoke, his tone warm and energized. She felt just the same, ready to explore every inch of the new territory when she had the chance. However her legs begged to differ and she gave in, finally sitting down and relishing the spare moment of relaxation. 

This was her new home. She felt like a pup, eager to explore and run off, though she knew of the possible threats she could encounter. Lone wolves, and maybe even getting lost. She didn't know East Hollow at all, but even that added to its appeal.
September 30, 2016, 11:10 PM
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Chaska looked around. He felt everyone was here. There was a new face among them, though two were missing. Ezekiel and Polaris. He could spot neither. He put his head on his paws, not bothering to join in conversation with anyone else, nor paying much attention to what others did. He'd had enough of long travels, and all he wanted was to have a rest. He would strike up conversation later.
October 01, 2016, 01:21 AM
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The pack was moving and Philos had no objections. Still a new to the pack, and hadn't connected to their original territory like the other members had. He also had no real say in the matter seeing as how his words wouldn't have held much weight. Following the pack hanging near the back of the group, not feeling confortable to be near the front. He had only really meet a few member of the pack and didn't want to call too much or bad attention to himself.

It was long but Philos didn't complain. Just recently he had made the long journey into the teekon wilds, so this trip seemed to be a small add on. When they finally arived he looked around and up at the large stone pillars. Held firmly in the ground he was sure that none would tip over to squash one of them.

As Steady walked to the center of the formation and began to howl Philos was hesitant. Waiting to see how many other wolves would join in he howled but not as loud as he could have. He wanted to meet all the pack members individually at a different time rather then them all looking at him at once asking who he was.

Looking over at Adeline, who seemed too fatigued to join in the howl, he smiled and gave her a playful wink assuming she looked over his way. He walked around the circle to where she was at. He looked around quick to see if there were any prying eyes both friendly or foe. Not seeing any enemys he layed down with his front paws extended and his head on them. Not right next to her, but decend amount of distance between them. He liked the idea of being near those he knew and thought being near the alpha might be too ballzy. His coat fluffed and warm he wouldn't have minded if she took advantage of it. He didn't fall asleep but was resting, looking over at Steady talking to one of the pack members PHilos hadn't meet yet.
October 01, 2016, 01:46 AM
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Something ugly twisted in Grayday's stomach when he saw the man - a stranger to him - smile and wink at Addie. Day knew - or hoped he knew - that the man was only being friendly, but his blood still boiled when he went and laid near her.

It was silly, he told himself, to let himself feel so strongly for the girl. Silly and a little unhealthy, considering the way he now felt about his unknown packmate. Too, his heart had soured toward Adeline herself, though it was only temporary and to a far lesser extent. He couldn't help feeling a little betrayed, even though it was a ridiculous way to feel.

Still, Day skulked away from the group, his eyes darting toward Adeline and her friend whenever he thought they might not be looking - and often if he thought the man would be.

Creepy dayday finally surfaces for all to see <3
October 03, 2016, 08:54 AM

        He looked over his family, tired and worn from the trip, but really no worse for wear. Adeline was already passed out, and he watched as Philos made to move next to her. He did not see Grayday's reaction to it, as his eyes were on the pair. Adeline seemed content enough with his presence, watching her move closer to him. 

        He sat back on his haunches, and couldn't help but noticed those that didn't make the trip. Ezekiel was missing, and now it seemed Niita was, too. Later, when he had time to process, his heart would undoubtedly break. But, for now, he would put aside those feelings and concentrate on the ones who were here. He lifted his muzzle, howling once more to announce his claim. In a short while, he would begin marking the borders, spreading their scent all over it, warning any who came near.