The Sentinels maybe some robitussin
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He's looking for @Deirdre but AW! Backdated to about two days after he leaves East Hollow.
The journey had taken far less time than Day would've guessed, but he supposed he'd only ever made the trip with the whole pack in tow before. Either way, he made great time, and Donnelaith was not hard to find. He merely found Doe's scent on her own borders and followed the line until it met with a different pack's borders. All wolves unfamilar to him (though he'd been near Deirdre, at one point a few months prior).

With a fat rabbit clutched tightly in his jaws, he waited at the border for a long moment, hesitating. Would a rabbit be enough? Doe hadn't been specific when she'd told him to bring a gift. What did healers like to recieve? Fawn pelts?

Oh well. He was already here, and it was time to see what all this was about. Dropping the rabbit and raising his muzzle skyward, he called for someone to meet him, if they would. He'd just ask if this was all that was needed, or if he needed to bring something bigger, better.
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        That voice!

        Lotte had been sleeping deeply, the inky tip of her muzzle tucked into the hollow formed by her hip and flank, when a low, resonant howl struck the air. The warm familiarity she felt upon hearing it jolted her to full wakefulness and her large paws were spurred into motion quicker than her mind could make the voice-face connection. A wheel with snapshots of her acquaintances, friends, and family members spun wildly before her mind’s eye like a single-reel slot machine, and it slowed in time with her flying feet as she glided to a stop that was graceful despite her mental disarray. “Day, it’s you,” she realized, her tone husky with vestiges of sleep and colored with bright surprise, her argent eyes dumbfounded. Joy stole over her, slowly at first, then gaining in exuberance and swiftness, the curve of her lips giving way to a shimmy down her middle as her tail began to eagerly flag the air.

        “It’s you,” she repeated, and thought nothing of crossing the border and closing the distance between them, a roll of thickly-furred, athletic shoulders and hips seeking to draw her body against his in a perpendicular, catlike motion. She had no illusions that he had come to see her specifically and knew vaguely of his intentions after their previous meeting; still, she found herself hoping that he would remain with the wolves of the wood for a prolonged period of time. “Welcome to Donnelaith,” she said cheerfully. “Will you mind if I keep you company for now?”
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there came a song, and deirdre answered it with one of her own; she was a distance from he and lotte, but her call told of her imminent arrival. the witch moved through the trees with the wind at her back, the scent of the bardic woman one that caused her to slow in her step for a moment. lotte had not come to her upon her return, and wondered what word the storyteller had of aria and her brother! there was a measure of joy to her step now--though she did not know, precisely, why she had been called, deirdre was certain she would soon find out.

as the sentinels seemed to part for her as she emerged from their shadows (truly a mere trick of the light), deirdre caught sight of a slim, silver man who had a charming look to him. the curved youth's plume and ears both stood tall, and the regals eyes peered briefly toward lotte. it seemed the she-wolf knew the man, but deirdre did not wish to assume she would speak for him. her eyes next fell to the thick rabbit, before lifting to look back to the man. there was a strange milkmurk to his eyes, and deirdre found herself fixated upon them. she had only caught the tail-end of lotte's cheerful words, but deirdre echoed them: yes, welcome to donnelaith, and she would allow him to answer the latter portion of lotte's inquiry, as she herself did not mind her presence at all. i am deirdre stella mayfair, málóid banríon of this forest, she hummed, how may i aid you? for by the sound of the song seemed wanting, and his furs held no distinct absence of wolfscent.
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"Hey, you!" Day replied, tail wagging furiously as Lotte came into view. He'd hoped to run into her here, though there were more pressing things at hand. She offered him her company, but before he had time to say of course, a call came singing through the air. His ears swivelled toward the sound, but he tried to keep his attention on his silvery friend, turning to press a quick kiss to her cheek. How are things? he wanted to ask, but then she came into view.

His jaw very nearly dropped. There was something unearthly about the woman; beautiful and fay. He thought fleetingly of Reiko (there were so many wolves in his past; so many losses), but the white shewolf was not familiar to him. Was she even real? Was she an angel? Day wanted to look to Lotte to see her reaction, but he could not tear his eyes away from the pure lily that now stood before him.

Fleetingly, Day thought of falling down in worship.

"I brought a rabbit," he said, a little choked. It seemed like such a poor offering for such a wonderful creature. "Doe said I should see you... to see if you would heal my eyes."

If it was her will. He no longer doubted she had the power.
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I wrote replies to all of Lotte and Coelacanth’s threads this morning and my computer ate every single one of them.
Hence, this will suck and I have no will to make it better. I am sorry. ♥

Feel free to skip over Lotte, and if she’s not welcome, you can powerplay her leaving.

        As one, Grayday and Lotte’s ears swiveled, hearkening to the approaching sovereign’s call, and Lotte caught her breath as the witch queen emerged from the tangle of sentinels. The heavy trees seemed to bend before her, trick of the light or no, as a halo of light framed her willowy, shapely form. Keeping her head and tail low in response to the young alpha’s greater rank, the soot-stockinged hoyden drew near to brush the bridge of her broad muzzle against Deirdre’s chin and jaw — and, if the girl allowed it, to rub her cheek against the queen’s in warm affection. She resolved to give the pair their privacy, whispering only, “He is Day, noitakuningatar, a good wolf,” for in his rapture the grayscale wolf had forgotten to share his name. She was surprised to know that the rime-eyed wolf knew of Doe — it seemed Lotte’s butterfly-like muse was renowned within these wilds — but said no more.
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deirdre smiled at the man fully as he spoke of his offering, and her tail waved. i thank you for this gift, she hummed, appreciative. as he made mention of the exotic doe, deirdre warmed to him further. his words brought her gaze back to his eyes that looked as though there was a small galaxy within them, and she looked thoughtful for a moment.

lotte sidled alongside her, and deirdre nosed her back fondly. she would ask, at a better time, of her journey with constantine and aria--though there was this to attend to firstly. the jovial woman shared with her knowledge upon the other--gray, she was told--and that he was in lotte's esteem meant much to deirdre. deirdre chuffed quietly in thanks, before returning her attention back to the man before her.

i believe that i can do this for you, deirdre hummed, though the eyes are an area i have not yet tended to. still-- an ear cocked sideways as one bird flit to a branch near to the handsome fellow, singing to her of herbal remedies. deirdre nodded slowly, before speaking again, i think it can be done...

deirdre again looked thoughtful, before inquiring to him: what is it that ails your eyes? in knowing this, she could begin to search for the proper way to heal them.
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Day was glad that Lotte had moved to stand beside the queen. It gave him something to look at other than the ethereal beauty of the woodland alpha - and though Lotte was not an ugly wolf by any means, her strong, earthy presence seemed to soak away some of the shock-and-awe that'd first frozen his tongue upon the white wolf's arrival. With his dull eyes moving between the two, he began a halting tale of his ailment.

"I - there was a fire, when I was young. I got a little too close, and my eyes got burned. Not badly or anything, but they got infected after that - and again and again for a long time after. And when they were finally all healed an healthy, I noticed that I couldn't see so well as I could before. It's only gotten worse from there."

By the end of his little speech, Deirdre's spell seemed to have receded somewhat. Day was not sure if it was the sweet, grounding sight of Lotte or if he was simply growing used to the white queen's beauty. Either way, he was greatful for the easing of his breaths and the slowing pace of his heart.