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        Steady's mind was working a mile a minute, going over everything that had transpired during their move. Part of him maybe thought that the move was to blame, but then he doubted that. Grayday's mating happened before it, and Eden's betrayal and insolence would have happened either way. Althaia's presence, however? Maybe that wouldn't have happened. But, he didn't mind that it did. He was happy to give her protection. Had Eden known that he had taken in a female and her pups, while threatening the life of her own, she may have called him a hypocrite. He wouldn't have cared. Althaia asked for his permission to bring her pups, and Steady gave it. Eden was insubordinate and he suspected she didn't care that she didn't have his permission to reproduce under his care. But, she was no longer his problem any longer. Unless, of course, he seen her again. He had every intention of making good on his promise to kill her if he ever saw her again.  

        But, right now, he would not focus on her. He lifted his muzzle and howled for Grayday. He wasn't sure how the male would feel with him accepting Althaia and her pups. It didn't change his mind on Grayday's situation, and he wanted his brother to know that.
October 02, 2016, 08:12 PM
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Day had been on border patrol, as he often was when he had nothing better to do. In the past, he would've done what was prudent and taken breaks in-between, but Day felt the need to pull a little more than his weight, in light of Steady's kindness. It was a delicate balance, trying to do more than he used to without anyone noticing - but he was fairly certain he'd succeeded in keeping his increased activity from the alpha's notice.

So when Steady howled for him, Day cursed under his breath and thought that - maybe - he should've been a little more obvious in his efforts. It was all well and good to soothe his own conscience, but Steady's faith in him still needed to be repaired.

Lifting his leg to mark where he'd left off, Day hurried toward the sound of the call, reflecting on all the strange scents he'd picked up. Eden's blood and exit from the territory, Steady's fury, the milk-scent of an unfamiliar female and three young pups. Things were changing, and Day was made a little nervous by how out of the loop he was. What did Steady want him for? Or was he calling to say that he no longer wanted Day for anything?

"Hey Steady," Grayday said nonchalantly as he approached the darker wolf, head down and tail lashing in a friendly, submissive manner. Worried was probably written all over his face, but Day couldn't help it. The man was already under so much stress, and he felt as though he was constantly causing trouble with his own affairs, with Adeline, with not being around enough.
October 02, 2016, 08:33 PM

        If Steady had been aware of the turmoil going through Grayday's mind, he would have tried to calm it immediately. But, he didn't. He did see worry on his brother's face, though, and attempted to nudge him in a friendly show of affection. He knew their relationship had been on rocky ground lately, but there was something he needed to say. Grayday, you know you'll always be my brother, right? No matter what, he said. I know things have been hectic, and there's so many decisions that need to be made, but whatever happens, you are family and you are welcome here. He searched his brother's eyes, hoping he felt the words that Steady said.

        A female came to the borders early this morning, searching for refuge with her three daughters, and I've welcomed her into the pack, he confessed. I could not turn them away. Some might have called him weak, but they could go suck it. But, this does not change my mind about your family. They are still welcome here, should you choose to stay. But, even if you don't, you're still family. He wasn't sure how Grayday would respond, but hoped things would be good between them.
October 02, 2016, 08:51 PM
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Relief and curiosity warred in him as Steady greeted him with affection - Day gave a happy whine and nudged Steady back, tail still lashing. What could he want to talk about? And what were all these strange scents going around? He wanted to ask about the woman and her children. He wanted to know what had happened to Eden and her sister. There were a lot of things that he wanted to know, but they all seemed to slip his mind as Steady continued to speak.

He let the male finish his whole piece before responding, a little emotional still from all that'd been going on. "You're my family, too," he said fervently, bumping his head against the alpha's shoulder. "You all mean the world to me, you know? And I'm so honored that you'd let me raise my family here - and I'm glad they'll get to grow up with you as an uncle."

Honored, glad - that didn't even begin to cover it. Day was incredibly grateful to the man, and astounded by his kindness. "And I would've done the same thing," he added, referring to the shewolf and her cubs. "We're a strong pack, and I know we'll pull through - extra kids or not."

Day, like Steady, had a soft spot for kids. He'd have been just as helpless to turn away those cute little pips of fur or their mother.

"I still don't know if we'll come here," he admitted then, frowning a bit to himself. "I was planning to raise them with her pack, since I figured that was what she would want, but now that you've said you would have us here... that would be my preference, I'll admit. Like I said - you're my family. I'd hate to lose you."
October 02, 2016, 09:41 PM

        He smiled, glad that Grayday's young would one day come to know him as Uncle. He dearly hoped that things would not happen as they had before, and Steady would be able to enjoy all of his nieces and nephews as they grew. It was almost as if he had a second chance all of a sudden.

        He nodded, glad that Grayday seemed to approve his accepting of Althaia and her pups. I used to be so worried that the famine would repeat itself, that we would lose too many family members, and it would be too much. But, I am not as worried now. Valette is an excellent hunter, and I know the rest of us will pull our weight, too. He fixed Grayday with a pointed look, and a smile. And don't think I haven't noticed your scent all over the borders, mixed with mine. I know you have been securing them well, he admitted. He wondered, though, why it seemed he hadn't openly seen Grayday doing it. Steady almost thought Grayday was purposely steering away from the Alpha, but he would not accuse his brother of such things, as he couldn't really find a reason why.

        Steady nodded, understanding that the decision of where to raise his family hadn't been met yet. Well, there is time yet. But, do not worry about losing us, whatever you decide. We'll be here, and you can come and go as freely as you please. He hoped he eased Grayday's mind a bit about having to choose between the packs. Steady wanted to make sure no choice really had to be made, because this would always be his home.
October 02, 2016, 09:56 PM
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Grayday had never gotten the whole story of what went on during the famine, but his heart ached even just at Steady's mentioning of it. It'd torn this family up, he knew, so much that little Odette couldn't even see a stranger from Silvertip without hate in her eyes. Day had never known that kind of strife before, and although a part of him couldn't help but be glad that it hadn't been him, Grayday knew that he would lay down his life for the man standing before him, the same as he would have done for his blood.

"We won't let that happen," he agreed, dodging Steady's mention of the borders with a sheepish grin as his only acknowledgment. "And I know that we can take care of things, no matter what happens," he said, still smiling at his friend. "But I want you to know - and I know you'd never ask it of me - but..." Day paused, remembering how he'd angered Steady the last time. He didn't know exactly how to say this without insulting his alpha - and admittedly, he wasn't entirely sure how he'd insulted the man before. Day wasn't too good at these things.

"We'll accomodate, you know? By the spring, the kids'll be big enough to travel, and we can spread the weight out a bit if you and Niita decide to cook some up," he said, keeping his tone earnest and friendly, and decidedly non-combative. "Not forever or anything, and we'll come and visit all the time," he added, hoping the other man would understand him. "Just so that we won't have too many mouths to feed all in one place. We'll raise up the kids where there are less pups, and in a few months they'll be big enough that they'll be able to help out a bit."

Day was warming to the idea, now, imagining going on that adventure with his kids. The springtime would be great to venture out for the first time, and then when they got back they'd have their cousins to play with and torment. A wide smile had painted itself across the male's face without his permission.

"I really hope she's pregnant," he murmured, smile dimming somewhat, but remaining present.
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October 02, 2016, 10:11 PM

        Grayday was confident that another famine would not happen, and it gave Steady comfort to know that there was more than one other wolf here who would work their butts off for everyone in the pack. Silently, he did still worry, knowing that it wouldn't be so much a work issue as an abundance of food issue. But, he didn't voice this because he didn't want to put a damper on Grayday's good mood.

        His heart swelled when Grayday said they could shuffle around the kids to the pack who could accommodate them at the time. It made him feel good that he was trying to think of every possible way to make every wolf happy that this situation affected. If everyone is happy with that, then I happy with that. He wasn't sure how the pups would take to being moved often, but maybe they would think of as it simply visiting other family for a while. Maybe it's a good opportunity to create an alliance with whatever pack you're going and coming from, he thought aloud. At the very least, maybe they could have a friendly agreement of sorts.

        Steady nudged Grayday. You're going to be a good Dad, be it in a few months, or another time, he said honestly. He could see that in his brother.
October 02, 2016, 10:37 PM
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He'd been thinking about that - about visting some of the other packs in the area when he went to visit Amber. Maybe Doe's pack would put them up for a couple months, or maybe they could see about Donnelaith... Day knew that there were other, closer packs as well, but liked the idea of improving the friendships he already had. Time would tell, he decided.

Day smiled at his alpha's high praise, and Day couldn't help but return the compliment. "You too - I mean, you're already a great dad," he said, thinking of how great Adeline was turning out. "I'll be glad to be half as good as you," he admitted. Indeed, there were days he wondered if, perhaps, fatherhood just wasn't meant for him. He'd waited so long, and there was still no guaruntee that anything would come of his brief encounter with Amber.

"I think this is the last year I'll even try," he sad after a moment, a bit somber. "I don't know if my eyes are any better... and if they aren't, the convention so far has been that they only get worse. I think I'll be good enough to raise kids for the rest of the year, but after that..."

After that, he'd be useless to just about everyone. The thought didn't frighten him as it once had, but it still wasn't something he liked to dwell on.
October 02, 2016, 11:02 PM

        He grinned at Grayday's compliment, glad that someone thought he was a good Dad. Adeline did seem to like him, enough so that he got upgraded from Uncle to Dad. How many wolves could say that? She could have left, like Odette, found another family. But, she hadn't. She had chosen to stay with him. 

        He frowned, however, when his brother admitted this may be the last year he attempts to be a father, and then mentioned his eyes. Steady hadn't brought the subject up, fearing that whatever his friend had said had not been good news. And it seemed like it wasn't. Well, whether you're a father this year or not, I'm going to need lots of help with my pups, whenever I have them. They'll need their favorite Uncle Day, he said with a smile, hoping it might cheer him up a bit. I do hope mother nature sees fit to make you a father, though. He knew Grayday being an Uncle would be alright, but it was obvious his heart was set on being a Dad. 

        I hope you know that if your eyesight does go, it may change your role, but it won't change your status. You'll go from guardian, to crazy Uncle Grayday who lets the kids get away with anything, he said, trying to comfort his brother, and allowing him to see that just because he may not be able to see, doesn't mean he won't be apart of the family.
October 02, 2016, 11:33 PM
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Day nodded along with Steady's words. He was a lucky wolf, either way, and he was looking forward to being an uncle (a real one - Addie was more friend than neice) even as he hoped he would become a dad.

A snort of laughter escaped him at Steady's description of his duties, should his eyesight fail. He could see it already - blind old Grayday, letting the kids play with skunks. "What skunk? I didn't see a skunk."

"I can't get them in trouble if I don't see them misbehave, can I?" he laughed, unable to stay solemn when such silly thoughts occupided his mind. Through breathless laughter, he explained the situation he'd imagined to his brother. Probably, it would not amuse the other man quite so much.
October 03, 2016, 02:24 PM

        Steady caught the snort, and wondered what things were going through Grayday's mind. They seemed to be funny to him. He couldn't help but grin at his brother, and then shrug. I suppose not, but you still got your ears on you. You can hear them getting in trouble, he pointed out. 

        He nudged his brother's shoulder, a familiar touch that he seemed to need lately, to constantly reinforce the bonds between himself and his family. Alright, I'm going to go do some patrols, maybe check in on Adeline, he said, then paused, Which is something you might think of doing, as well, he commented. If he had, Adeline had said nothing to him about it. He turned, then, and headed to the den site.