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Pack Basics

Name: Teaghlaigh
Ranks: click!
Current Location: Hideaway Strath
Previous Location: Ravensblood Forest (10/26/2016 — 03/25/2017)
Acronym: TLG
Founded: October 26, 2016
Pack Colours: Silver & Black (#c3c3c3 & #313131)




ArturoCeannasach (October 26, 2016 — present)
LotteBanríon (February 21, 2017 — present)


FuriosaPóilín (October 26, 2016 — December 2, 2016)✝
OlivePóilín (January 12, 2016 — March 8, 2017)


In mid-march Teaghlaigh uproots from their original home in Ravensblood Forest and makes their way south, into the Tuktu Hinterlands where they claim Hideaway Strath.


West of the Bonesplinter Ravine and east of Black Morass lies a surprising paradise; Hideaway Strath. A small valley divided by a river and partially sheltered by forest, the territory is akin to an oasis in the difficult terrain that makes up the Hinterlands. However, as much as it protects and provides for its inhabitants, the strath can easily become a prison. Except for a narrow entry to the north, the valley is blocked by mountains and unforgiving earth on all sides.
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Teaghlaigh is revolved around a "gang mentality". There are two strict rules that the wolves of Teaghlaigh are expected to abide by and enforce: The Ceannasach's word is law and The Family before everything else. Extremely tight-knit, extremely territorial and generally free to do as they want so long as the two rules of The Family are followed. In this respect, they tend to be secretive to an extent: they don't freely give out information about the pack. If a stranger inquires they are either to be taken to the Ceannasach or given vague answers that don't compromise The Family in any sort of way. Once a wolf is apart of The Family they will always remain apart of it: unless they betray it. Betrayal of The Family means death. Ranks are encouraged to be challenged. The Teaghlaigh value manners and respect even to outsiders following along the lines of the belief of "demonizing your enemies is not only bad ethics but bad strategy".


"The Family Before Everything Else"


Alliances are expected to be respected and upheld by all of Teaghlaigh and by refusing any allied wolf they are subjected to punishment by Ceannasach, or the wolves of the allied pack in question if Arturo feels it's required.


Pack meetings — the Ceannasach will very rarely make a decision that affects the pack without holding a "family meeting" to hear their opinions, concerns, etc. which they are encouraged to speak freely about and then the decision will be put to a vote. Only pups 6 months and older (unless they are heirs) are allowed to attend these meetings and are also allowed to add their voice to the vote. The Comhlach do not attend these meetings until they earn a rank within Teaghlaigh; as they are simply "associates" and work for the Family but have yet to prove themselves in order to become apart of it.


(note this will not apply to founding characters; joining process idea loosely borrowed from Chelsie)

An initial IC joining thread will get a character into the pack as a Comhlach but they are not actually apart of the pack until they complete at least two threads with existing Teaghlaigh members, and one thread in which they must carry out the task that Arturo will assign to them for the pack based on what they tell him (these will usually deal with trades you may be aiming for to aid you in earning them!) during the initial meeting. Please note that the “task thread” does not have to be with a member of Teaghlaigh (or Arturo) but can be with any character (including wild fauna). It's up to you! All in all there should be a total of 4 threads: IC joining thread, 2 threads with Family members and 1 thread carrying out the task assigned. Important Note: During this period (until they are ranked as apart of The Family) a Comhlach does not know any thing of Teaghlaigh other than what they are told. They are not supposed to even know Arturo is their true leader (via the red herring). They are intentionally kept in the dark as they have yet to have proven themselves to be accepted into The Family. Threads with Teaghlaigh members prior to IC joining thread do not count as one of the 2 required thread, given this, threads with the family member(s) already known prior to the joining thread will not count either. If a Family member is met during the IC joining thread for the first time then a second thread with them will be counted.


Comhlach's have 2 months (four weeks) from the day they are titled as Comhlach to earn an official rank within Teaghlaigh. Failing to do so will result in a confrontation thread with Ceannasach that will result in your character's (willing or unwilling!) departure from Teaghlaigh to keep everything IC. An exception will be made in regards to this as long as you are close to earning an official rank and/or the required threads are at least started.


In order to be eligible for and to request PPC (previously played character) status in Teaghlaigh the character in question must hold a rank above Comhlach and have played the character as apart of Teaghlaigh for at least 1+ month(s). In the event of certain OOC circumstances (such as needing to drop all characters for an amount of time, etc) this policy will be waived because OOC life is always more important than Wolf. Puppies are exempt from the PPC policy and can become/be PPC until they reach 9 months of age. If PPC puppies hit adult ranks they will be removed from the ranks and it will be up to their player to come up with a reason for their departure for however long it lasts.
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Every wolf is subjected to these trials & punishments even the leadership. Teaghlaigh operates on the idea that while Ceannasach is the fire and iron that forges and upholds the Laws that even he is not above them. In the case of if Ceannasach should ever stand trial & face banishment the next highest wolf in leadership will assume the role of Ceannasach & if there are no leaders to take his place the eldest Heir shall be expected to step up.



A meeting will be held in which the crimes of the Disgraced or Prisoners will be presented before the Family and they will give their opinions and decide what and how severe the punishment shall be. Each case is unique and therefore results will not always be generic. Punishments will differ in severity accordingly. Please keep in mind the following:

Quote:Embracing consequences. Everyone makes mistakes and no character is perfect. Part of collaborative writing is accepting that situations may not always go your way!

IC actions against The Family will result in IC consequences from The Family.


NOTE. The strike system will only apply so long as The Family hasn't been compromised. The aforementioned is a crime that's only punishment is banishment and a kill on sight order.

wip! expect to see a strike system worked out very soon!
June 07, 2017, 04:42 AM
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Unless a rank is directly challenged they will be determined strictly upon In Character contribution to Teaghlaigh and their personal standing with Arturo. The more he trusts a character the higher they'll rise as long as they are contributing and are actively around the pack (unless they have reason to be outside it's borders i.e. if they are scouting, etc). If a rank challenge is won that rank will be secure for the victor for a month (from the thread's end date) before it is eligible to be challenged once more regardless of which character wins.


All ranks are challengeable except for Leadership & Heir Ranks. If a character approach Ceannasach with a legitimate and reasonable IC reason for challenging a leader or heir then the challenge will be considered but whether it goes through and is allowed is ultimately the decision of Ceannasach. Rank Challenges must be marked as such in the thread title (RC for short works fine as well) and in order for it to count Ceannasach must be present to meditate the spar. It is generally assumed that no serious injuries will occur unless previously meditated. Because the ranks are organized according to Ceannasach’s trust and activity among the pack if the challenger wins the spar and takes the rank for themselves they are expected to uphold to the level of responsibilities of that rank and prove that they are worthy to hold the rank by rising to Ceannasach’s expectations.


 (amended. 05.13.2017)

Ceannaireacht: "leadership"
Ceannasach — "Sovereign" (alpha male)
Banríon — "Queen" (alpha female)
Oifigeach — "Officer" (beta)
Póilín — "Officer" (beta)

Uaislibh: "noble"
Ríchíosa — "Royalty"*
Leifteanant — "Lieutenant"
Comhairleoir — "Advisor"
Caenn — "Commander"

Básta: "middle"
Taisech — "Chieftain"
Málóid — "Witch"
Fáidh — "Prophet"
Síofra — "Changeling"
Laoch — "Warrior"

Táir: "lower"
Meicneoir — "Mechanic"
Saighdiúir — "Soldier"

Óige: "youth"
Oidhre — "Heir"*
Leanbh — "Child"

Anaithnid: "unknown"
Comhlach — "Associate"

Phionósú: "punished"
Príosúnach — "Prisoners"
Náire — "Disgraced"
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Quote:You are required to seek OOC permission from your pack's management in order to breed. OOC permission must be obtained prior to conception IC. (Appended: 11/12/2016.)
In addition to gaining OOC permission from the pack managers of Teaghlaigh the right to breed belongs to the Ceannasach only — though if so long as a mated pair receives his in character blessing they may breed. Arturo will assess the puppies The Family is already raising, their pack numbers and if he feels they will not compromise his children's or the pack's survival - to give a rough idea of how he'll make the decision. All puppies conceived without Ceannasach's blessing are subjected to be taken from the pair and raised as Ceannasach's own or, more morbidly: killed*. * — this condition may also be applied based on circumstance (if there aren't a lot of adults, etc).


(added. 05/13/2017)

When puppies earn their first trade they will be promoted into the adult ranks even if they are not 9 months of age with the belief that if a child has earned a trade, accepted the responsibilities that come with it and are contributing to the pack than they should be treated as adults. Regardless of this a child is still given the option when they reach nine months of age of if they wish to remain with The Family or not.


There are 2 heirs: one male + one female. All puppies regardless of adoption or what standing their parents hold within the pack are eligible to become heirs. They are personally assessed (there will probably be pack activities/"rituals" to deduce this ICly - I haven't quite hammered these details out yet) and selected by Arturo himself. When they are chosen they become his apprentices. If an heir goes inactive they will lose the position since they're being groomed for leadership. Each child has a choice to leave The Family when they come of age (9 months) or remain and integrate themselves into it (this includes the Heirs. they can decide to leave if they don't want to be apart of the Family).


The heir trials are conducted when the litter(s) of pups are anywhere from 2 to 3 months of age. The pups will be divided into two groups and will be tasked with finding something that Arturo has hidden in Ravensblood Forest. During his time spent with each group Arturo will assess which pup takes charge naturally, which one asks the most intuitive questions — as they will be required to ask him questions about the item he’s hidden and it’s vague whereabouts in order to find it, etc. If more than two pups stand out to him as a potential candidate as there can only be two (pup rank) heirs at one time Arturo will conduct a one-on-one to further assess them. If he cannot make his decision then a dice roll will be conducted to decide. Note. This does not mean that the heirs that are chosen will stay heirs. If they are incapable of following his directions/if they fall inactive they will be demoted to regular pup ranks and a new heir will be chosen.
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detailed info on this coming soon to a pack page near you!
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Internal Territories

Cosán Solas

"the lighted path"
Nestled near the heart of Hideaway Strath is a small clearing whose most notable feature is what by the light of day appears to be an average pond. Come night the still waters take on an ethereal glow created by the bioluminescent algae that inhabit the pond.
by torvi

The Colossus

Deep within a dark corner the Hideaway Strath lives a behemoth. The gargantuan sequoia tree, near the ground, the trunk is nearly 75 feet in diameter. Red, platelike bark envelopes the time-hardened lumber and the lofty canopy maintains an impressive berth, successfully dwarfing and eventually eliminating any competitors that germinate in its shadow. The ancient tree is harborage to a myriad of small birds, rodents and incests and is host to a number of climbing plants and fungi. The thick, gnarled roots cling to the earth, creating a tangle of c and can be safely navigated by dextrous paws, but may prove dangerous to others. Perhaps the most noteworthy feature is a large split down the center of the trunk, seared into the wood by a lightening strike hundreds of years ago. The split is low enough to be accessible to wolves and can easily fit several wolves within its depths.
by rachel