Stone Circle instead of the cross, the Albatross, about my neck was hung
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Winter was always a busy time, but it was even busier, Day found, when one had kids to look after. His own were still confied to the den, for the most part, but he tried to keep after Steady's brood when he saw them around. Though not as vulnerable as his own two, they would still make very inticing meals for foxes, coyotes, and even larger birds of prey.

Still, he had not missed Krypton's scent upon the borders. Though the days when he'd held a flame of admiration for her in his heart were long gone, she reminded him of a different time - one that had been as vulnerable for him as these days were for his children. His place in the pack had been vague and unstable, and while the move had cost them much, it seemed to have gained him a meaningful place in their ranks. Silvertip had been his pack, but Easthollow had become his family.

He wasn't sure where Krypton would fit back into that, but he had a feeling she would need help.

"Krypton?" he called, following the woman's scent-trail through the fresh layer of snow.
December 20, 2016, 11:00 PM
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She spent the night with chaska, though it was a bit strange for her. she hadn't slept near anyone in 5 months, especially speaking so much as well during the reunion. krypton, feeling somewhat a strange peace, was well awake. the cold bit at her sore paws as she stepped into the fresh sheet of snow.

had she known what gray felt about her, krypton wouldn't have known what to do. but the past was behind her, along with silvertip. for now, she moved with the present with sharp pain and trauma. she managed, keeping up her morale with the thought of everyone welcoming her with open arms. surprising, but she felt a warm welcome was in the future before she ventured close.

as she roamed around the new territory, the lower ranked wolf heard a familiar voice call out her name. the thin beast stopped, turning 'round to see a wolf she wasn't too close with. grayday, a male with cataracts as she remembered in his eyes. she paused in her movements, unsure of how to act towards him. was he okay with her being here? hurt that she left? she didn't know what went through his head, but she knew she had to do something.

her head hung low as she walked timidly closer, as if she was almost,  afraid of him. "hi gray," she said quietly in her hoarse voice, her ears flattened a bit as she gave him a small and sheepish smile. he looked more confident than when he first came to silvertip. he looked stronger and more mature, not that he wasn't before he came. but something inside of him changed, and for the better too.

she too was unsure of how she would mix with the others again, for it had been almost half a year since she was enrolled in a pack. slowly, with her legs shaky, she settled on her haunches and looked at gray with tired eyes. her smile soon fell off of her face as she looked at her paws, almost ashamed of herself to even look at him.
December 26, 2016, 06:25 PM
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When she was finally in his sights, a warm flood of relief flowed through him. It was not the same as getting back Ezekiel or Niita, but it was something. Something of the old family coming back again, and it gave him hope that the others were still out there, slowly but surely making their way back home.

"Krypton," he repeated, tail whipping back and forth with a fierce joy. "I recognized your scent, but I thought - " He hadn't known what to think. "I'm glad you're home," he said instead, moving forward with tentative eagerness to stand near to the former beta, nose already searching for signs of where she'd been. Trying not to crowd her - for he could sense her wariness - the male poked his nose gently into the fur of her shoulder, ready to back off should he be rebuffed.
December 27, 2016, 02:39 PM
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it was comforting to see another familiar face in her home. though they were not close, it did not mean they were not friends, at least, that is what krypton believed they were on terms wise, friends. however, everyone perceived everything differently, she would never know truly how gray took towards her.

his words were kind to her broken ears, she could only smile at him. "you are a sight for sore eyes," she practically whispered, seeing him step closer. his subtle touch was soft, though krypton felt like jumping out of her skin. close interaction like this hadn't been felt in what felt like years to her. she craved it, not romantically, more that is was friendship in a platonic way. 

she returned the gesture, taking in his scent softly and grazing his neck with her muzzle, nudging it. "you look well," she said hoarsely, wishing the same could be said about her. the former beta was nothing but skin and bones with scraggly and dirty fur. she was not a sight, that's for sure. "how have you been gray? everything all right?"
December 27, 2016, 03:09 PM
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The longer he looked at her, the more his eyes told him of what her scent had hinted at. A gaunt, unhealthy appearance had replaced the proud stance of the wolf he'd once admired - and although he could not bring himself to think that she was no longer beautiful, he did concede that she'd certainly seen better days.

"I'm glad to see you, too," Day replied, tail wagging weakly. Had she eaten? She should eat again, if she had. And, "I am well," he admitted, but hesitated in elaborating, as she looked so sorrily un well. But when she further inquired, he found that there was some news that one just couldn't keep to themselves.

"Something did," he agreed with a tiny grin, looking back toward the den. "I'm a dad, now - I have a little girl and a little boy." His ears flickered in thought, and then he peered curiously at Krypton, wondering: "Would you like to meet them?"
December 27, 2016, 03:45 PM
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he seemed quite pleased with his life and krypton couldn't be happier for him. while she had seen better days, at least someone was enjoying theirs now. his response didn't surprise her, he looked well-fed and healthy, something she felt envious of. her ears pricked forward at his words and his actions. he looked back and said something shocking. he was a proud father of two kids.

krypton felt her smile widen, a true smile which she hadn't smiled in months. "are you now?" she asked, wondering who the mother was. "that's great news! i bet they look up to you" she said, wondering what they looked like. a son and a daughter, a story sounded a bit familiar to her ears. but wow, she would've never expected that kind of news. if anything, she expected steady to be a dad, not gray (not in a rude way or anything like that)

he offered for her to see them, which was almost shocking to her too. he was going to let some wolf he had been in a pack with for only a short amount of time to see his kids when she even hadn't met the mother before either? shocking yes, but krypton wouldn't dare attempt anything, she knew that much. she, however, felt a fear about going there. what if the mother was there and didn't welcome visitors, or found krypton suspicious?

it didn't matter anymore, krypton wanted to see them. she bet one of them was at least the spitting image of their father.  "i'd love to" she said, getting up and awaiting him to lead the way. "what are their names?"
December 28, 2016, 10:30 PM
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"@Sunny and @Dawn," he replied, tail lashing as he thought of his two perfect kids. "They look just like me - wait 'til you see 'em." It was odd, actually, how little of Amber he could see in them. It was better that way, in all probability. Their mother had left them, and Day thought it was almost fitting that they looked more like him than a woman they would never meet. With any luck, he wouldn't have to explain that there had been a mother at all for a while yet.

Day led Krypton the short distance to his den, where the kids would probably be. He gave a low chuff to summon them from wherever they'd gotten off to while he was away (hopefully not far) and then looked back to Krypton, unable to stop staring at how different she was and even less capable of believing she was really there.

"I'm real glad you found us," he said with a soft breath, tearing his eyes away to keep from making her uncomfortable. The discarded half-rabbit his children hadn't finished the night before caught his eye. "Are you hungry? There's still some meat on this," he offered, pawing it toward her.
December 29, 2016, 12:25 PM

No hope for telling Sunny boy that, lol he was already attached to his mother. hence his first words XD

The call from his father made his ears rise to attention, and he turned to follow the sound. He was trying to find any remnants of his mother's smell and was comforted by the fact that it still remained in many places. He had little idea of time yet, for he felt as if Amber had been gone for years. After rolling in his mother's scent he bounced over to Grayday and pressed against his fur, shyly looking at the sickly woman in front of him. In her state she was not pretty like Valette and his dark colored mother, but she made him feel worried (an emotion he could not place). He whimpered softly and tossed a questioning glance at Grayday "mama?" he asked, wondering why his daddy was consorting with this woman instead of his mother. He still didn't understand that amber had left for good, and was often seen moping in the entrance to their birthing den, staring into the field with sad eyes.

Sure, he liked Grayday maybe even loved him but his mama was who he needed and wanted. To be polite and honestly because he was immensely curious he approached the woman, his tiny tail slowly swaying with apprehension. He sat down inches away from her and stared up at her, offering a shy and slightly scared smile. "hmmmmm" he sighed as he realized she meant no harm, and he moved forward pressing his nose against her chest. it felt good to be near a female, maybe she was gonna be his momma?
January 04, 2017, 12:38 AM
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"Sunny and Dawn? Cute names" she complimented politely, walking along with Day. Sunny and Dawn, the names made her think of the sun in the morning, rising above the hills and rearing its' bright head to awaken all the animals below its' throne. Sometimes, Krypton thought the sun was a god, rising during the day to watch his creations during the day before dying at night to let the moon guard them while they sleep. but that story is for another time.

Once they reached the den, she heard Day release a chuff to call forth his children. She heard him speak about a meal before looking down to see a half-eaten rabbit near her paws as he passed it towards her. Krypton felt her tongue begin to salivate but shook her head politely. "Your kids need all the food they can get, you don't want them growing up to be feeble" she assured him with a nod of the head. Krypton refused to eat the kids' food, for it was theirs' and she had no right to take what was theirs'.

Soon, his children came out, at least, one of them did. her ears perked forward, along with her gaze. why, this one was the spitting image of his father, no doubt. Although krypton didn't know his mother, she knew well enough that genetics favored the dad over the mom in this one. she smiled gently towards him, seeing him bound over to his father. Had she known what he felt about her, krypton would've assured him that she was fine. a child had no need to worry about others quite yet, especially when they were only a couple of months old.

the words he spoke made her eyes widen a bit. mama? did he see her alike to his original mother? krypton's head tilted a bit at the name but shook it off as nothing. he was just confused most likely. krypton was curious, where was this boy's mother? she would've probably attacked krypton for being so close to him. well, Day could maybe fill her in about it when the kids were asleep or the two adults were away somewhere else. She could see him inch over towards her as if he was afraid to even be near her. it didn't take long for him to see she was no threat. his close proximity towards her made krypton force herself to stand still, though the interaction felt a bit rushed and quicker than normal. she smiled and pressed back against the pup with a hum.

"Sunny or Dawn?" she asked Day, looking towards him. Had she known what Sunny was thinking, Krypton wouldn't have even had an answer ready. She would be willing to fill in, but Valette or another female was probably closer to sunny than Krypton.
January 04, 2017, 12:47 AM
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Dawn looked up from where she lay, her eyes still groggy and clouded from her rest. Once the sleepiness subsided, she stood and marched proudly to her father, twisting her way between his legs. There was another woman in the den, one who smelled nothing of her mother, and Dawn didn't like the intruders presence. She gave a small growl, one that was much too cute to get her message across, and looked up to her father for approval. Papa? she cooed, awaiting his proud reaction to her bravery and fortitude.
January 06, 2017, 01:06 AM
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Of course, he could always trust his kids to make an innocent situation awkward. Sunny was absolutely obsessed with his mother, and although Day tried to be understanding about it (because it was understandable, after all), he still couldn't help but wish the kid could be a little more grown-up, like his sister.

"No, this is Krypton," Day explained, booping Sunny with his nose in greeting. Just as soon as the situation with Sunny was corrected, Dawn came bolting out of nowhere ready to rip the intruder to shreds. Briefly, Day considered scolding her, but it just didn't sit right with him to dull her killer instinct. Instead, he tried to redirect her focus to him, hoping that she would get the picture and behave.

"Hey, princess," he said, ignoring her aggression (it would've been the right response, with most other strangers) and smoothing his tongue down her back. "This is Krypton - " he looked up at the woman, a sheepish look on his face - "That might be a little too much for them, actually. Is it alright if they call your Kryp?" he asked, not wanting to offend the former beta during their first real conversation.
January 22, 2017, 05:38 PM
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"They could call me dirt and I wouldn't mind," she exclaimed to Day with a smile, looking at the two children with a happy smile on her face. Mini Days running around sure sounded fun. In every way, the two just for some reason really reflected Day, though Krypton didn't know him too deeply. She turned her attention to Gray's princess, giving a chuff to her to show she meant no danger. She settled down on her haunches, lowering her nose towards the both and batting her muddled green eyes softly.

"I'm always up to watch them for you if you ever need a break" she offered to him, turning to look at the male. She was never too too fond of children, but ever since Silvertip, she had grown especially close (at least, what she felt was close) with Odette. It was a shame that Fitz's kids were dispersed around the entire Wilds, not knowing their father and knowing their mother was victim to famine and cannibalism. But that was the past. Krypton turned her focus back to the children, wondering what it was like to know that she had created something, something bounding with life and joy. She bet it was a wonderful feeling.
January 26, 2017, 09:09 PM
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Day laughed. If. He'd been trying not to pawn them off on Steady and Valette too much, since they had kids of their own to worry about (and a relationship to start), but there were days (mostly nights) where he just couldn't handle his kids. Not that they were bad or anything... just emotionally exhausting. "I will definitely be taking you up on that," he said, eyes twinkling but voice serious. "Things have been hard since my wife left," he admitted.

It was something he'd been thinking for a long time, but here with Krypton was the first time he'd said the words out loud. They hadn't been close before, but she was still a friend. Still someone he trusted. She'd been Steady's beta, and that was something that Day still put a lot of stock in. If she was good enough for Steady to trust, after all, she was certainly good in his book.

"I'm really glad you found your way home," he told her, hoping she knew that he meant it.
February 01, 2017, 10:16 PM
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she chuckled with his words, shaking her head but nonetheless agreeing to help. being a dad was hard, with or without a mate, it was mostly hard because puppies were closer with their mothers over their fathers, so fathers had the awkward part of parenting for the most part. she paid attention to his words, feeling pity grow within her as she heard him talk about his wife that had left him. she shot him a sad, yet small, frown.  "oh day, i'm sorry to hear that." she felt sympathy for the male, having an S.O leave when there were kids was hard, especially on the single parent. "i bet they're close to you though, they're practically the spitting image of you" she admitted to him, knowing very well that she had spent more time with her father than mother, though it was more forced than anything. "if it means anything, it was her loss to leave," she lightly said, shifting a bit in her body. Krypton didn't exactly have romantic feelings to anyone, but she had a good idea of who Day was as a wolf in every day life. whoever left him lost a good man, loyal and protective.

her frown flipped when he spoke again, making her tail wag a bit.  "it means a lot to know i'm welcomed back with open arms. Thank you, it means a lot to hear that from you," she said politely. krypton didn't deny that she had fears about returning to the original STM. She was afraid of the possibilities, the outcomes, all the outliers and variables to the large equation. but she was glad she took the risk, it turned out to be the better choice for her in the end, not just the longrun.
February 01, 2017, 10:25 PM
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"Mixed blessings, then," he said in response, a little sheepish at her high praise. He still remembered the crush he'd harbored toward her before, even though it was strangely absent in the present. She was still Krypton, and she could still make him flush beneath his fur.

"Of course," he said firmly when she expressed her graditude at her welcome. For Day, it would never have been any other way. He hadn't been around on the day that she left, but he assumed it'd been on good terms. No one had said anything bad about her, at least. And Day had, of course, always remembered her fondly. It hurt him to see her in such a vulnerable state, and he hoped that she'd settle in quickly and be restored to her former glory.