January 09, 2017, 12:28 PM
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Patch Notes

To better capture minor updates and clarifications, particularly relating to the Guidebook and game policies, we will be using this thread to announce and track them over time.

If you are concerned or have questions about any of these items, please message the staff.

January 2017

01/20: We condensed and reorged the ESSENTIAL — Site Policies article in the Guidebook. Notably, we also added a blurb about free-form game play.
Please note that these guidelines are the default baseline for game play. Because WOLF is a member-driven community and we encourage free-form play (within reason), it should be noted that individual characters and packs may vary their rules about power-playing, consent, etc., to allow for more variety.

01/17: In an effort to de-emphasize the role of staff (since WOLF aspires to be member-driven), we have switched titles ("admin" to "community manager"), eliminated distinctions (badges and bold) and updated the directory accordingly.

01/10: The Warning System has been removed from our Guidebook. We are currently reevaluating how we handle warnings and bans at WOLF. We will update our patch notes once this section has been revised. The updates were posted on 01/15.

01/10: The WOLF administration will no longer mediate OOC conflict, except in extreme and rare circumstances. Discourtesy toward other players still will be addressed (but not mediated) as necessary. Going forward, OOC situations will rarely influence or impact IC events, with the exception of game policies defined in the Guidebook (for example, packs disbanding or characters falling inactive). See in our Guidebook.

01/10: An appendix was added to the Guidebook as a reference for all players on how to remain courteous when OOC conflicts, disagreements, or other difficult conversations arise. These guidelines are meant to be used as a tool and are not enforced. See in our Guidebook.

01/09: We have updated our criteria for disbanding packs to no longer take puppies into account. We'd like to see more packs come and go organically, and the adjustment to include them in pack counts made it virtually impossible for packs to disband. See below and in our Guidebook:
Any pack that falls below 4 adults will be disbanded immediately.

01/03: We have clarified our policy about leaders being demoted due to a failure to meet the required activity level of one post per seven days. See below and in our Guidebook:
If a leader fails to meet this requirement, there is a 30-day period following the automatic demotion before the character/player in question can be promoted back into leadership for that particular pack, and before that character can hold leadership in any other pack. We rely on our pack managers to use the honor system when repromoting someone.

Please don't send PMs to this account, as we don't check it very often and they may go unread! Instead, direct admin inquiries to our personal accounts as listed on the staff directory. Thank you!