New Conflict Policy & Warning System Changes
January 15, 2017, 06:53 PM
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New Conflict Guidelines

In response to this survey, we've amended the Guidebook with a new section on conflict and plotting on WOLF. We see a clear majority in the opinion that IC should be taken as first priority and so we have come up with an official stance that we have outlined below.

A quick overview of the changes:
  • Admins will no longer mediate IC or OOC conflict. We will still enforce our courtesy guidelines and, in cases where discourtesy is seen (such as the previous conflict), the player will be approached and warned accordingly. But these situations will no longer have any bearing on the IC development of the plot.
  • Players will be in charge of determining the outcome and progression through IC conflict.
  • Only in extreme circumstances will admins interfere, when either a plot seems detrimental to the game as a whole or another explicit guidebook definition (pack disbanding, etc.) occurs.
WOLF is a community of adults and all who play here are mature, developed, and reasonable writers. Cooperation and communication are important but the admins feel in most situations our mediation only leads to misunderstandings, hurt feelings and unhappy outcomes. Thus, in the future, we will rely on members to settle their own disputes.  

Our inboxes are still, as always, open if members feel bullied, disrespected or need an opinion on a serious issue. But it very well may be the case that the response given will be a request that they work it out with the other themselves, if we come to the conclusion we do not have the proper guideline or occasion to step in ourselves.

Warning System Changes

The admin team would also like to try something new when it comes to the warning system. In order to create a more positive, mentoring, and open community, we wish to actively bring members into the process.

Please note: this system is a beta development. We absolutely welcome feedback from you, whether it's positive or negative! We are more than willing to tweak it so that it works best for the majority of our community and becomes something everyone is hopefully excited to participate in. Don't be afraid to voice opinions; you won't get smacked for them. The new system guarantees it. ;)

It's never felt quite right for the admins to behave as the policing authority when it comes to site and post content.  We are here for one reason only: to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time writing the characters they love. Occasional conflict resolution, maintenance, etc., all falls under our umbrella, but we believe that the style and content of WOLF should be up to all those who write here. The new system will allow the member base to have a strong voice in what sort of community they want WOLF to be.

General warnings will be replaced with "nudges."
These nudges have no set punishment tied to them and are meant to be used as friendly reminders to members who have broken a rule.  Anyone can be nudged by anyone else, and all nudges are stored publicly for all members to see. This isn't meant to be a source of shame; it's merely meant to increase transparency and provide a record for members to improve across the board.

In this spirit, we are also allowing for positive nudges. Did someone do something you really like? Give them a poke with a compliment!

Warning levels have been replaced with "strikes."
These are reserved for more serious infractions and will be handed out by administration by unanimous vote. They will be given rarely, if ever, and reflect on extreme rudeness towards other members. This can include bullying behavior, abusing the nudge system, or harassing members for nudges given. If you ever feel targeted unfairly, come to us.

While nudges do not add up to a strike, repeated nudges for the same issues may result in one. If a member seems unable to learn from mistakes and does not correct their behavior, harsher consequences might be necessary.  Again, this should be rare and will need to be unanimously decided.

Finally and most importantly, you will not be banned unless you receive three strikes. Each strike will be thoroughly explained to the one receiving it so that they can hopefully improve and refrain from receiving another.  

What does this system improve?
— Now members can more easily correct one another's mistakes without the harshness of a warning.
— New members can be mentored and taught WOLF's standards in a clearer way by those they thread with.
— The member base gets to refine and define the community's standards.
— Punishments are clear and there should be no fear of ban without prior warning.

Feel free to discuss the changes below if you wish!

Please don't send PMs to this account, as we don't check it very often and they may go unread! Instead, direct admin inquiries to our personal accounts as listed on the staff directory. Thank you!
January 15, 2017, 07:10 PM
Redhawk Caldera
Note from me :D

The option to nudge will exist on any IC post - I haven't finished writing the plugin yet ;D but we thought it would be good to get some feedback even before it was implemented!  In case that was a source of any confusion <3.  It will be a button similar to the others currently.
February 07, 2017, 12:38 PM
I wanted to post an update to address two things:

1. Nudges can be given for just about anything. In this spirit, there is no such thing as a wrongful nudge. (If someone appears to be abusing them, however, please report it.) Reminder: nudges don't 'count against you' in any formal capacity. (If you get nudged repeatedly for one particular type of behavior, it may be translated into a strike, which is a formal warning.) They're intended to be friendly taps if you've broken/bent a minor rule or breached etiquette in some way.

2. Currently, there's a bug with the post links in nudges (they redirect incorrectly). This is a known bug and we'll get it fixed as soon as we can.

If you have any questions or concerns about this or anything else, you're always welcome to reach out to a member of staff. :)