Silver Creek Large Step For Pup Kind
All Welcome  March 29, 2017, 11:39 AM
@Soni , @Heston , @Spring , @Soren , Everyone Welcome - Encouraged

It was early morning and it seemed Seri was the first to wake up, out of those within the den. She picked up her head, ears pointed up, eyes wide open. Her sibling lay beside her sleeping. This was her chance she thought, a chance to see what lay beyond the den. She had tried may times before to exit the den and everytime her plans had been foiled. Her mother and father had both came and went from the den, returning safe and sound, and Seri though she could do the same.

Quietly as to no wake her siblings and those within the den, she rose from where she laid and began walking to the entrance of the den. Once she reached it she looked back into the den to make sure everyone was still sleep before taking her first steps outside of the den. She exited the cave and felt grass under her paws for the first time. She bent down to smell the ground. She had smelled traced of it from her parents but never from the source before.

She looked up and saw the sun, she smiled. Then suddenly she made a leap put of the cave. Rushing around its entrance, rolling on the ground. She continued to roll on her back soaking in the outside world.