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I’m, like, 86% sure I told you I was gonna post this, so… lmao

As the days grew longer, his body grew older. Although his aging mind should have become muddled, a true sight of chaos, it had instead become clear. He could see everything, his past experiences and what he hoped was in his future, as well as what was not. It weighed heavily on his mind, dragging him down towards the earth with little care, but for no longer would he be so lenient. The children had grown and were no longer in need of their parent’s care—they hadn’t needed them for quite some time now, if he were to be honest with himself. Knowing that, and knowing it well, he couldn’t help but wonder what it was, then, that had held him back. With a shake of his head, he disregarded the thought entirely, deciding that it no longer mattered. His mind was made up, influenced by neglect and a seemingly impassable distance.

Wishing to keep his private affairs away from prying ears and eyes alike, he set out to find @Nemesis without first calling for her. Though a summoning howl would have made everything move along at a much faster rate, he kept his voice locked away, relying instead upon his nose to guide him; her scent, once so familiar, now blended in with the others as if it held no value to him. She did not stand out, not to him—not anymore. With a lengthy sigh, he pressed onward, dismissing any and all bothersome thoughts. It was not until he spotted a dark form in the distance that they started to return, only to be waved off once again as he neared her. With a throaty chuff, he intended to capture her attention, a trace of urgency in his tone that signified the importance of his words to come.
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