Hideaway Strath an unexpected task
All Welcome  April 05, 2017, 02:00 PM
Hemlock is den-digging / scouting if anyone wants to join her.

Hemlock swallowed back a strangled sensation, considering the vast difference the past few days had made. She now was guardian to a child, the parents had been banished, and this little soul would rely on her for guidance and nourishment and protection. With all of her being she hoped that she would not fail the child and she was determined not to allow herself to falter when it came to doing right by Sirius. It would start with a proper densite, as of yet she had not invested her time or energy into a place to live. 

She wanted to be close to the Fearghal den but not immediately upon it. She had no use for such confines as a whelping spot when Sirius would be getting his legs soon and growing anyways and so she tried to find space where she could expand his horizons and still be somewhere warm and safe. 

available for naturalist and medical threads just tag her!
i grew a human and unfortunately as a horrible side effect lost an organ - as such will be slow from time to time.

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