Blackfeather Woods prelude to madness
All Welcome  April 14, 2017, 02:21 AM
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He had gone for some time, and in his absence had he been removed from grace, it so seemed. He did not blame Nemesis, for he had felt it was only a matter of time before such destructive tendencies would come to light. After Damien and Potema, now poor Sheogorath had taken place among the disgraced and he wondered how long it would be before Damien would take action. Of course, it was not entirely fair that he should distract his brother from such a cause. He had not heard from Damien and wondered if, in his absence, his brother @Damien had grown panicked, fearful he might be telling the world of their sinful engagements.

And his beloved sister @Potema had desired time to think about what he had told her in regards to Xan, too, and he had not seen her since. He wondered what she must think of him; but his desire for power and control was sated, at the very least, for whatever the outcome, he had made the pawns move in one direction or the other.

Today he was out looking for poisonous herbs with @Relmyna by his side. Her face was battered still, though scarred over, but she would always look gruesome. But he did not care, for she was also his to mold as he so wished and so far she had obediently followed his every wish. She carried herself submissively in his presence, and carried large leaves upon which he placed the herbs that he found. Finally they were growing again and though he did not hold as much love for gathering — or abusing — poisons as Cicero did, he knew that he needed to refill his caches. He hadn't needed to do much of this before, for Cicero'd always been the one to upkeep them but, with the lack of fulfilment he had had, Sheogorath was beginning to think he might stick around a bit longer.