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Morningside: A Comprehensive Guide

Colors: "Sunburst" (#ff9e00) and "Eggplant" (#610148)
Initialism: MOS
     Morningside began as a grand expedition when four wolves - Grayday, Adeline, Sunny, and Dawn - departed from Easthollow on what was supposed to be a long scouting trip. Though they'd meant to return home before winter, Grayday became more and more uncertain of his future at their home pack. When they ran into another family seeking refuge - Sylvas, Heartha, Kieran, and Hawthorn - the two groups decided to combine forces. They soon arrived at the Morningside Cuesta, where they solidified their bonds and soon decided to stay the winter.
     Only time can tell whether Adeline, Sunny, and Dawn will ever return to their natal pack.

Being mainly a family pack, Morningside does not have a formal ranking systems. Pack members are expected to respect each other regardless of their standing, and young wolves are expected to respect their elders. Other than that, wolves are divided into three tiers: Leadership, Hunting Party, and Alternates.
  • Leadership: Only wolves that have gained the respect of their peers will attain the rank of 'Leader'. Although individual wolves might look to one leader more than another, all leaders have the same ranking within the pack.
  • Hunting Party: The hunting party consists of wolves that have proved themselves to be skilled, hard-working, and responsible individuals. They, along with the leadership, are the main providers for the pack. To be a part of the hunting party is to be a core member of the pack. When a hunter has proved his or herself to be particularly skilled, they might attain a specialized hunting rank.
  • Alternates: These are the wolves that are not members of the main hunting party. Though they are the bottom rung of the pack, these wolves are not looked down on by any means. Generally, they are children who have not yet proved themselves able to contribute, or elders that have served their time in the hunting party already, and now prefer to let the youth handle day-to-day meals. Most wolves will be placed in this tier upon joining, and will remain alternates until they proved themselves able to contribute to pack hunts. Though they will generally not be called upon to help on regular hunts, they will still be expected to contribute what they can to the pack's resources. Able-bodied adults that remain in this rank too long might be in danger of rebuke.

    Morningside is transient in nature, and will shift, adapt, or move to accomodate new challenges and seasonal changes. Though they are as territorial as any pack, most members have come to understand that there is no 'forever home'. Wolves with an adventurous spirit will settle most easily into the ranks. When not hunting or traveling, the Morningsiders will act as any other pack does - playing, sleeping, or simply spending time together.

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[Image: By7yHCy.png?2]

The Morningsiders began their journey here among the sprawling, hilly meadows and razor-sharp ridges of the Morningside Cuesta. The pack was founded here in mid-April, and resides in the territory to this day. Notable events that took place here are Sunny's departure from the pack and subsequent return to Easthollow, as well as the birth of the pack's first litter - Lavender, Easy, and Dauntless to Grayday and Khoe.

The following individuals have resided at the Cuesta among the Morningsiders:
- Grayday
- Sylvas
- Khoe
- Cascada
- Heartha
- Dawn
- Sunny
- Hawthorn
- Kieran
- Yglis
- Nimue
- Sunspot
- Liri
- Damascus
- Katya
- Gwen
- Easy
- Lavender
- Dauntless
- Howl

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