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All Welcome  May 19, 2017, 02:10 PM
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Skylaris will be laying behind Soltero, this is set just outside the den! Maybe @Heston or @Spring ?

He crawled out from his mother's grasp, avoiding the sweeping tongue that meant to clean his pelt. He didn't want to have a bath! He wanted to play! The boy began jumping around, swinging his head back and forth, occasionally lowering into a play bow beforer sprinting off. He never went far. Soltero squeaked and ran back to Skylaris before running another lap and then stopping, laying down. His own tongue lolled out at the side of his muzzle, his energy burst gone as quickly as it had come.

His head rested on his paws, green eyes closing for a moment before opening. He still wanted to play, but he was tired. He needed just a moment and then he could sprint again!