Neverwinter Forest a live wire spitting spark
May 28, 2017, 05:33 AM
Lone Wolves

for mini & her @Maera!

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        The mummer queen moves elegantly through the thick press of evergreens that stand sentinel, dodging fallen limbs and cresting smooth rocks that jut out of the earth like protruding bones. The earth underfoot is bedded by fallen, dried needles and it arouses an piney aroma that lingers and writhes around her. It is not necessarily unpleasant, she thinks. It is not the salty tang of the ocean as she experienced in Sangeda, nor is it the smoky and harsh earth smell of Sleeping Dragon but the sylph has no intention of staking claim here. Her personal mission to map out the packs of the Teekon Wilds as opposed to the wilds themselves. She has the distinct advantage of having been born here to know many of it’s territories but packs …they rise and they fall and she has been gone long enough to mark significant changes on the pack front. For instance, she smells with extreme faintness that a pack once resided her though she does not remember if she’s ever came across any of them.

        It matters little now, the amazonian beauty thinks with a small twist of her lips. They are long gone. It brings with it a twist of disappointment beneath her breast. So far, her choices of pack to infiltrate are limited to three packs that she actively knows of. Four in total but she does not count Drageda. Even if she wanted to she could never get away with infiltrating it’s ranks. She is known and she has a creeping suspicion that her sisters (perhaps even her brother) will kill her if she tries to return. She remembers Eske, in particular, to be the most violate of her siblings. She sets her sights elsewhere. To something of her own creation. As she’d told the titan Grievous: she intends to be a queen unlike any these Wilds have seen and she certainly can’t accomplish that if she is always to be second rate, in the shadow of another as opposed to casting her own shadow.

        The pack that once resided in Neverwinter Forest may be long gone, their scents nothing but a fragment of ghosts but Thyri keeps exploring, taking her time, curious as to if they left anything in their wake.

and she speaks in a voice that sets men trembling,
with eyes painted gold and a throne built on the bones of
those who would challenge her rule