Blackfeather Woods Running through the waves of insanity
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The Night
Blackfeather Woods
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@Atshen ♥ set after the announcement bit when she has returned from her trips and her conversation with Damien*

She heard it from not so far away; Nemesis' soul-shattering announcement that was both terrifying and calming. The positive was that Nemesis' had nothing to say anymore - at least not in Nyx's book. No longer could she act upon her revengeful tendencies on her only daughter and only child to see the rotting underneath her flesh. She was pretty sure Atshen was on her side... but was he really now? Why had he accepted such a fait when he knew it would put him in direct confrontation with her rebellion and the true Dark Master? It was such a weird, unexpected twist that brought a new sense through Nyx's young vessel. Pure jealousy. Of course, she had to discuss this with Damien first - and she did so, even though she kept an open-mind no matter how their conversation would go.

She rushed into the woods, nose trying to find her brother's scent with eyes seemingly ablaze and way too lively for her usual behaviour.[/tr][/td][/table]

Only Stars Will Fill The Sky