Sleepy Fox Hollow quarter after one
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Storm clouds boiled in a seething mass, just beginning to come into view as Lysander picked his way gingerly up and over the heights. Wonder who pissed off the sky. Even from a distance they looked just as angry as if he had been standing nearer. Luckily, the young Angelov was far too inland for the brewing hurricane to have much effect on, minus the occasional clap of thunder that startled him from time to time.

The jagged rocks scraped at his pads as he winged the final hurdle and landed on the damp grass with a satisfying thump. Finally. Even the butterflies in his stomach (which he didn't even realise he'd had) were slowly beginning to fade. Lysander just stood their catching his breath for a good moment or two and took in his surroundings, which were, frankly, quite stunning despite the darkened sky, before he was interrupted by a forlorn bleating coming from nearby.

He strutted forwards, ears pricking and silvery eyes darting here and there in search of the source. It was a deer fawn he realised, after finding the poor thing shivering and looking like a drowned rat as it lay amongst a pile of felled branches. Lysander stumbled, coming to a halt quite abruptly. He knew it was prey, he wasn't that stupid, but how to kill it? He hadn't the faintest clue. Guess that was the biggest pitiful of leaving your more knowledgable sister behind.
May 30, 2017, 07:45 PM
Dirge had been exploring the creature comforts of the Hollow for some time when the first grumble of thunder reached his ears. He gave pause, his head craning towards the leafy canopy only to find a vivid blue peaking through. The storm was still distant. Good. The forest offered plenty of shelter and it had been there that the trio of Winterhearts had settled in for the night. A day of rest was important and truth be told he did not get the impression that his siblings were keen on taking a grueling pace. It was good for him too, as he preferred to go about things leisurely himself.

Of course, his leisurely strides through that forest only served to waste time and the storm drew nearer. The sun became blotted out, the thunder more frequent. A shift in the wind revealed nothing to him and on it he heard no call for him to come back. His sisters probably hadn't roused entirely from their late nap and he was not about to begrudge them of being like lazy cats.

That was until he heard the deer call.

His leisure stride went to slinking through the tall grasses where the warm earth of the humid late spring stirred up more things of interest. Only then had he wished @Saor and @Nyx were in tow of him; one wolf had trouble hunting, but two or three made large prey more accessible. Not easier, but the odds would turn in their favor. He pushed ahead through the dense brush as silently as he could, only for the fawn to reveal itself ahead.

A cheshire grin split his face cleanly in two for a moment; he could hardly contain his pleasure. A fawn as young as that one would put up less of a challenge than an old doe or grizzled buck, provided it was truly alone. He lied in wait for long moments, eyes scanning through his nearby surroundings for a sign that more deer lurked in the woods, and instead found another wolf stumbling onto the scene.

That soured his mood. The other was much closer but his hesitation was clear and in a moment of seizing the opportunity, Dirge moved forward from his vantage point. The fawn would see him, as would the other wolf, but hopefully the former would be easier to deal with than the latter.

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Saor slept the sleep of the dead.  One advantage of long and arduous travel was that she was always tired, so she always slept great.  When she awoke, it was not because she'd had sufficient sleep, but rather that Nyx, in the twitching movements of her dreams, had unwittingly kicked Saor in the snout.  She snorted softly as she yawned deeply, blinking blearily and looking around with a bit of disorientation.  Clouds obscured the sun, making it impossible to ascertain exactly how long she had slept, but she had a feeling it had several hours at least.  In the distance, she heard thunder.

It was then that she noticed Dirge was missing.  Not wishing to disturb her sister, and far too awake now to return to sleep herself, Saor decided to find out where her brother had gone off to.  Nyx would wake up alone, but that was not so unusual.  The trio frequently went their separate ways, only to come back together some hours later.  Following his scent, Saor tracked Dirge through the forest.  The wind tossed and stirred the treetops as it picked up speed ahead of the encroaching storm.  The sky was growing darker, and the she-wolf wondered if they might get rained on.  

Dirge's scent was easy to follow, and after only a short while, she came upon him in an area of tall grass and thick trunks.  His attention was clearly focused on something.  She followed his gaze and, after a moment, spotted the small deer.  Wordlessly, she fell in alongside her brother as he moved to intercept the mewling fawn.  Only then did she notice the strange wolf nearby.  His black fur blended with the shadows of the storm-darkened forest so that it had been his scent that gave him away, not his coat.  Saor felt a moment of uncertainty as she wondered what she should do -- ignore the stranger and help her brother secure the kill?  Or confront him and risk losing the meal entirely?  Opting for the latter, she continued alongside Dirge.  They could deal with the stranger afterward if need be.
June 18, 2017, 03:45 AM
Only moments into his venture after the dawn did he realize he was not alone. A cautious glance over his shoulder revealed @Saor running with him and his spirits boosted themselves considerably. The other wolf be damned, they actually had a chance now.

The fawn, however, having seen the pair of wolves readying to close in decided to right itself and try and bolt haphazardly back through the thick brush. Dirge plowed in after it, snapping at the air left in its trail. Lightning flashed through the forest canopy above them and the earth beneath their feet grumbled with the rolling thunder.

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The fawn leaped nimbly through the brush, terror driving him to incredible speed as the two wolves behind him tore savagely through nettles and scrub.  A fleeting glance between the two siblings had given Saor a boost of confidence and she grinned now, tongue lolling out between rows of gleaming white teeth.  They would eat today, she knew.  Unless something crazy happened, the tiny fawn could not hope to outfox or defend itself from two adult wolves.

The strange black wolf already forgotten somewhere behind them, Saor surged ahead, keeping pace beside her brother as they closed the distance between themselves and their prey.