Blackfeather Woods You'll marry Ser Loras
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Blackfeather Woods
the title came from GoT I was trying to come up a title and this line came up lol

The pups were still in the Spiderlings' Glen now as their mother was away. It was the safest place for him to protect her children, and he roomed outdoors when the weathers suited outdoor living. The man bothered them little — he was no father, not after what happened to his son. He was simply a protector. He fed them and kept them warm and safe.

But there was one other thing he could do for them, and that was train them to fight. His nose pushed through the lichens and moss to glare over the pups tucked within. @Kotake was gone, presumably somewhere off in the Woods, exploring. @Ganondorf was sleeping, his body widely splayed through the den. That left @Vaati, the platinum and sand pup who he knew little of. His parentage, like the rest, was a mystery to him, but that did not dissaude him from waking the pup, intent on sparring with him in the Glen.